Zomato introduces ‘contactless dining’ for post-lockdown scenario

Here's what Contactless dining is?

Keeping social distancing as the new normal, online food delivery platform Zomato on Saturday introduced ‘contactless dining’ for restaurants for a post-lockdown scenario.

The launch of Zomato’s ‘contactless dining’ will minimise customer contact with anything that someone else might have touched, by eliminating use of high-touch elements such as the menu, ordering and bill payments through bar codes or the app while the staff will wear masks. Adding such safety features may be of some help to curb the spread of the virus.

The contactless dining will have the following components:

Contactless menu: Scan the QR code on the dining table to check out the menu. It will also provide the names of dishes and their pairing recommendations.

Contactless ordering: Order food through the app. Any communication with the staff is eliminated.

Contactless payment: Pay the bill via app and leave the restaurant premises.

“We anticipate that the food services industry, specifically the dining out segment, will experience significant and permanent changes in the way it operates. Based on some recent consumer surveys, diners are ranking safety assurance and hygiene as their top factors when they choose a restaurant for dine in,” Zomato founder Deepinder Goyal wrote in a series of tweets on Saturday.

He wrote that all restaurants will have to assess on resumption of operations to suit post-COVID sensibilities of their customers, and that the speed of restoration of normalcy will be governed by how quickly it can gain back consumer confidence and trust.

Zomato said it is introducing some more additional features on the app where restaurants will be able to self-report safety and hygiene measures that they undertake.

News Source: The Economic Times

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