Can Frogs Be Ever Of Any Other Colour?This Video Of Indian Bullfrogs Enjoying Monsoons In Madhya Pradesh Will Burst Your Bubble

Check out this video of yellow frogs enjoying monsoons to their hearts' content in Madhya Pradesh

Recently, a video of of yellow frogs enjoying in rainwater at Narsinghpur, Madhya Pradesh, started doing the rounds on Internet leaving netizens stunned.

The clip was shared by Indian Forest Officer Parveen Kaswan among and features the Indian blue frog, which particularly tends to change its colour from blue to yellow during the monsoon season to entice females.

Since the time it went online, the video started surfacing on several social media platforms, and raked in over one lakh views on Twitter with netizens amazed at the appearance of yellow frogs.

The bullfrogs are usually not this bright yellow in colour. The males change to this colour during the breeding season to attract mates. This natural phenomenon happens during the monsoon season.

Parveen also shared that this phenomenon is very much natural and this behaviour is very normal, but the only issue is “whether so many males will get their ladies. The competition is real.”

Check out the video here!





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