Yeh Rishtey Hain Pyaar Ke 4th September 2019 Written Update: Mishti gets injured

Today’s episode of Yeh Rishtey Hain Pyaar Ke begins with the scenes showing everyone busy searching for Kunal to break the Dahi Handi but they all ended up sending Abir (Shaheer Sheikh) for doing the same instead of Kunal.

When Abir was chosen to break the Dahi Handi, Kunarl makes possible efforts to stop him for doing so but he was already gone for the meeting.  Meanwhile, we get to see Abir climbing the pyramid of humans while breaking the Dahi Handi and his love interest Mishti decided to declare her love for Abir to complete his challenge and breaks the Dahi Handi.

However, Mishti breaks the Handi and tells Abir that she wins the challenge but Abir says that no one heard her confession. Seeing everything, Kuhu gets jealous of Mishti and Abir’s relationship and decided to push one of the many guys who formed a pyramid resulted in Mishti fell to the ground and gets injured. The moment Mishti fell on the ground, everyone including Abir rushes to help her as drops of blood from her face oozing out and she lost her consciousness.

Abir shocked to see Mishti in this condition and lifts her in his arms and takes her inside the house and calls the doctor. Meanwhile, Kunal’s realize what she did to Mishti. On the meantime she calls Mr Gedia, who is a lawyer, at his office but he ends up at his house instead.

Shaurya recognises him and asks him why he’s here. Kunal calls Mr Gedia and asks him to not reveal anything to the office and come directly to the office. The doctor arrives and treats Mishti as the family accompanies doctor outside, Abir decides to stay with Mishti and holds her hand. Alerting Abir,  Yashpal asks him to be careful as the families might suspect them.

Later, the worried Abir goes to pray Lord Krishna thinking its totally hit fault which caused Mishti got injured. Kuhu overhears this and feels bad. Meanwhile, Kunal talks to the lawyer about getting a divorce. He advises him to not fight with Kuhu until they build a solid case.

Kuhu defends Mishti when Jasmeet tries to talk bad about her. Later, Jasmeet picks up Meenakshi’s ringing phone while  Meenakshi arrives and snatches it from her hands. She threatens and says never do that again. Later, Meenakshi blocks the number who was calling to threaten her. Parul overhears her and suspects something’s wrong.

Later, as Abir walks Mishti to the car she teases him for losing. She holds her hand through the car window as he talks to Vishambhar and kisses it to make him nervous. Kuhu asks Meenakshi if she could go home to take care of Mishti. Later, Yashpal calls Kunal and scolds him for leaving the event for a meeting. He asks him to pick Kuhu up and informs him about what happened with Mishti. Kunal got surprised when he got to know that Kuhu is going to help Mishti since she hates her a lot.

Meanwhile, Kunal comes to know that Kuhu went to Maheshwari’s house to take care of Mishti. The written update of 04 Sept 2019 Yeh Rishtey Hai Pyaar Ke episode ends here and it would be interesting to watch the next episode.

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