Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 17 september 2019 Written Update Full Episode

Today (17th September 2019)’s episode of Yeh Hai Mohabbatein begins as see Raman asking Natasha to stand as he opens the door but she could not stand and falls in his arm. Natasha tells Raman that her leg is badly hurting and she does not have the power to stand by her own. Somehow, Raman carries her inside the house. The worrying Ishita asks Sinmi to call as it was getting late. Natasha who is dying in pain asks Raman to apply some ointment to get her relieved from the pain.

Ishita, somehow, calls Raman but it is Natasha who picks her call and tells her please do not disturb them. After hanging up the call, she asks Raman to apply balm on her leg and requests him to not live her alone. But when he tries to leave she insists and doesn’t let him go. On the other hand, Ishita gets worried about Raman.

As the episode moves on, Sunil hits Karan’s car making Karan angry and he hits Sunil in anger. Ruhi and Aaliya try to stop Karan and ask him to relax.  In the room, Raman aks Natasha, how she is feeling now and she says she is feeling better now.

Simmi and Ishita return and see Raman’s car. They go inside the house and ask Mihika, where is Raman? She tells them that Raman is not at home.  Meanwhile, Karan, Ruhi, and Aaliya go to Natasha’s home. Natasha starts arguing with them and shows them the picture she secretly clicked of Raman lifting her.

After seeing the picture, Raman asks why they clicked the pictures. Natasha tells him that she clicked the pics because he had lifted her after a long time. Arijit requests Neeti to call him dad just once and thinks of demolishing Ishita and Raman’s relation.

The argument continues and Natasha starts blackmailing the family members of threatening to make these pictures viral on social media. Which will definitely defame the name of Bhallas. Aaliya asks her to give the phone but Natasha sends the pictures to Arijit. Arijit becomes happy on seeing the photos and thinks that Ishita and Raman’s relation will be shaken with these pictures. He calls to find out Raman shouting on family members to make them understand.

Arijit hears all the argument over the phone. Meanwhile, Ishita and Simmi reach Natasha’s home and ask  Raman to come with them so they can talk.  Arijit over the phone thinks that Raman and Ishita will fight. Everyone leaves towards Bhalla house. Ishita and Raman tell the others about the plan and everyone was shocked after listening to the entire plan.

All the family members start thinking about how to find out the reality and where to look Dr Mishra. Yug sees Ishita worried and tells him that she was worried about Raman’s drama. The written update of 17th September 2019 Yeh Hai Mohabbatein ends here.

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