Will BTS break if a member decides to leave the group? Suga responds

In a new BTS docuseries "Break The Silence". Suga candidly speaks about how BTS would respect a member's decision if he quits.

BTS is a globally loved K-pop band. The BTS Army is one of the loyal fanbases around the world. But the band won’t be the same if one of them decides to quit. After years of experiencing success and hardships together, what if one wanted to go his separate way?

In episode 1 of BTS’ ‘Break The Silence’, BTS opened up about their struggles, including why the considered disbanding in 2018. The year began with a lot of self-doubts but ended up being “one of our best years,” said J-Hope.

RM further explained why after all these years BTS has chosen to stay together despite looking in different directions. While Suga opened up about bands reaction if a member did want to leave.

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He said, “We’ve become closer than family, in a way,” “We can put everything else aside, and talk freely about how we can move forward and improve.” He added that the band respects each other and after persuasion, if they still want to leave, others would respect his decision.

..but if that’s still not enough, we can say, ‘We understand. It’s your life, so we respect that.
explained Suga.

Thankfully, BTS is on a success high with an Army that backs them no matter what. The band has proven time and again that together they can overcome any struggle and still be the best.

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