Hanna season 2 Cast: Who is Aine Rose Daly? Meet Sandy Philips

Here's all you need to know about Aine Rose Daly.

The second season of Hanna finally arrived on Amazon Prime Video on July 3, 2020. Since all eight-episodes dropped in one go, thousands of people have already watched them. However, many have a common question about the lead character in their mind, who Sandy Philips (played by Áine Rose Daly) is.

If you are one of those people, this article will certainly help you out. Those who have watched the first season of Hanna must know that where it ended. For the unversed, the first season ended with the title character (Esmé Creed-Miles) encountering a character known only as Girl 242.

In the second season, Girl 242 is known as Sandy, another super spy send on secret missions. While Sandy seemed to be a true believer of Utrax, Hanna was confused about the organisation she was working for.

According to Amazon: “Sandy is a recruit who is eager to please her friends and her instructors.

“But that attitude can be deadly in the spy game.

“To what lengths will she go to make her handlers proud?”

Sandy and Hanna have now become  world-class assassins. There are people talking about the possibility of Hanna season 3. If it is made, we could see Sandy and other members of Utrax turning against the agency if Hanna has anything to do with it.

Who is Aine Rose Daly?

There are certain reasons why people are curious to know who Aine Rose Daly is and one of the main reasons is she does not have a Wikipedia page. Yes, When you search Aine Rose Daly, there is no Wikipedia to tell you about the beautiful actress.

Aine Rose Daly is a British actress and playing Sandy in Hanna is the biggest role she has ever played.  Befoer appearing in Amazon Prime’s Hanna, Daly starred in another Amazon Prime Video Original, in which she played the role of Annabelle Schenkel in Tom Clancy’s Jack Ryan back in 2018, so she’s no stranger to the action genre.

If anything to go by IMDb, Aine Rose Doly will next be seen in a project titled Eight for Silver which is in post-production.

She will also be appearing in Boling Point, which is also listed as being in production.

On her profile on acting site Mandy, Daly states: “Both Acting and Music are a huge part of my life and have been since I was very young.

“Throughout my life I have taken part in plays, musicals and work in short films and music videos.

“I am currently a student at Identity School of Acting and hope to take on more and more opportunities as I continue on in my journey down this creative path I have chosen.”

She has also appeared in Lily Allen music video for the track Trigger Bang in which she played a young version of the singer.

Speaking about the possibility of Hanna season 3, Creed-Miles told Den of Geek: “I’d love to see [Hanna] eventually, at some point, return back to nature.

“I mean, as challenging as it is to shoot in the wilderness, I definitely feel an affinity with that and I love that part of who she is.

“I can’t really imagine her truthfully anywhere else being really content.”

While John Carmichael star Dermot Mulroney said he would be “intrigued” to see where the story would go next, saying his character would be facing a very different position to season two.

Mulroney said: “If his story goes on, it will be 180 degrees different from where season two started.

“So it’s already massively intriguing for me to think. How does he do when he’s behind the eight ball instead of in front of the program?”

Hanna season 1 and season 2 are streaming on Amazon Prime Video now.

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