A Quick Guide To Use ‘Whatsapp Dark Mode’ In Android And IOS, Now Available In Desktop Also

Following are the processes involved to give your screens a dark look!

WhatsApp is a text and voice messaging app which got introduced in 2009. Since then, it has garnered massive popularity, due credit goes to its features and flexibility. Its a free service and allows for messages and calls on both desktop and mobile devices.

One of the most sought-after features that has been integrated in other apps and platforms is ‘dark mode’, whether it is Messenger or Google Chrome or Google app for smartphones. On repeated insistence, WhatsApp has stepped forward and has brought up dark mode to its platform.

This much- anticipated feature was released by the Facebook-owned app with a launch video, titled “Hello Darkness”  which comprises a previous unreleased version of “The Sound Silence” by Paul Simon.

If you want to activate dark mode on your Android or iOS device, below listed  are the steps that can help you quickly achieve that. To note, it is available for Android users who have the latest Android Q beta version.

How to enable WhatsApp dark mode on Android


Step 1: Go to Settings > Display > Select theme > Dark

Step 2: Once the dark mode is turned on, go to Settings > About phone

Step 3: Scroll down to ‘Build number’ and tap on it seven times

Step 4: You will see a message pop-up saying ‘Developers options is turned on’. Tap on ‘Override force-dark’ so that you can apply the dark theme to other apps

Step 5: Dark theme is now enabled on WhatsApp but the wallpaper in chat threads still needs to be changed to enjoy a hassle-free dark mode.

Step 6: Go to WhatsApp Settings > Wallpaper > None and you are good to go!



How to enable WhatsApp dark mode on iOS

dark mode

Step 1: Go to Settings > General > Accessibility > Display Accommodations > Invert Colours > Smart Invert

Step 2: You have now activated dark theme across all the apps in the device

Step 3: Same as Android, you will have to select dark or no wallpaper for WhatsApp chat threads. Go to WhatsApp Settings > Wallpaper> None

For iOS phones, it is a mandate that the device runs on iOS 11 or later versions.

So, whether you are using an Android or iOS device, you can follow the above-mentioned steps to give your screen that dark look!

WhatsApp dark mode for the desktop


Not to forget, WhatsApp will also have a dark mode update for the desktop, as developer Mahesh B Wijerathna discovered while searching thoroughly through the CSS (cascading style sheet) for the website.

It has not been sent for testing yet, but it is possible to reproduce a similar effect using a free plugin called Stylus for Firefox and Chrome, which allows you to create custom style sheets for individual sites.

Furthermore, according to a report, the Facebook-owned social messaging app has been testing a new security feature which will permit users to secure their messages and media backups on Google Drive using a code. Users can access the feature by enabling ‘Password Protect Backups’ in the ‘Chat Backup’ section in app settings. This option is stands available only to users who have updated the beta version.

Benefits of using the dark screen:

Darker screens consume less power (specifically if your device has an AMOLED display). Otherwise, it just adds a zing to your screen and lets you enjoy an invigorating change from all-white interfaces.

Recent discoveries in WhatsApp Beta revealed, that its developers are looking forward to plan a few changes to dark mode, including altering the colors of text bubbles to enhance the app’s black background.

News Source: LiveMint




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