Voting Alert: Who do you think is the most hilarious among THESE BTS members?

RM, Suga, V, Jungkook, J Hope or Jimin; who according to the ARMY is the funniest BTS member? Vote now and let us know.

BTS is a global pop icon. The Bangton Boys are one of the most followed celebrity singers in the world today. Their chemistry on and off stage is envious and real. RM, Jin, Jim, Suga, Jungkook, V, and J-Hope are a tight-knit family and they light up the stage with their performances every time. Apart from being such talented artists, these boys have a distinct sense of humor. Whether in their live sessions or their banter during

Bon Voyage, they always find something to crack up about.
Namjoonie is the master of sarcasm and given his knowledge of
different languages- Korean, English, and Japanese- he makes fun in any situation regardless of the place. Jin cracks the best dad jokes in the group and the ARMY loves his sense of humor. While Jin makes classic dad jokes, Suga has an inane style of cracking dark and twisty self-deprecating jokes. His jokes make it hard for any band member to stop laughing. However, when asked about opinions, Suga feels Jungkook and Jimin are funny. “When I look at Jimin and Jungkook, they’re cute and funny, he said.”
Jimin has the most inappropriate jokes to share in the group. His wild thoughts and dirty jokes always manage to leave the band members in splits. Kookie is famous for poking
fun at Jin for being old and making fun of Jimin for his height. He is also a master at playing pranks with the band.
J-Hope and Taehyung rarely need words to show their sense of humor. The talented duo makes such distinctive facial expressions, it’s hard to keep yourself from laughing out loud. YouTube and Twitter are filled with images and videos of the singers making different expressions and loud animated voices. 
While all of them have their unique sense of humor, who do you think is the funniest of them all? Vote now and let us know!
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