Actor Upasana Singh Clarified WHY She Is Not Working With Kapil Sharma-Tap For Deets!

This is why actor Upasana Singh is not working with Kapil Sharma on the latter's show

Actor Upasana Singh, who will soon be appearing in TV show Gangs of Filmistan with Sunil Grover, has said though she may not be working with Kapil Sharma but that does not make them rivals, contrary to what people are trying to assume.

Kapil and Sunil had an ugly, public spat a few years ago and have stopped working together ever since. While both have now turned cordial towards each other on public forums, they continue to work in their own, different zones.

Even people working with Sunil and Kapil are often projected as belonging to different camps. Upasana told Times of India,“I am connected with Kapil and we often speak to each other over the phone. In fact, he was to sing in my directorial debut Punjabi film and we had even met each other for the same. He is a very nice person. Many people try to float rumours that we are enemies just because we are not working with each other it doesn’t mean we are enemies. It happens you don’t always work with the same people. I have worked in films also, but that doesn’t mean I will keep working with the same people.” Upasana has earlier worked with Kapil on Comedy Nights with Kapil. She also appeared on The Kapil Sharma Show after the infamous tiff.

Patting Kapil’s back as a co-star, Upsana added, “I’ve had great time working with Kapil and team and they are fantastic people. I have some beautiful memories with them. It will always be with me. It’s not like he doesn’t call me, or we don’t talk to each other. There is no animosity. In fact, I worked with him twice in between. We all are good friends. Kapil is very sweet to me and he speaks to me nicely.”

Speaking of struggles in the industry, Upasana had told Hindustan Times in an interview, “If you believe you are talented and you can act, you must give it a try. As I said, it’s not an easy job and requires a lot of hard work. If acting is what you enjoy doing, the industry is for you. Also, before making it a career choice, make sure you have a support system to help you survive in your days of struggle.”

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