11 Unsolved Mysteries That Even Scientists Can’t Explain

Take a look at some of these amazing unsolved mysteries of the world that do not have any logical explanation.

While it may seem science has all the answers in the universe, there are still some basic mysteries that no one can seem to solve. Our world is shaped by unimaginable and unseen forces and most of them are even out of reach for the greatest scientists.

Here are 11 surprising inexplicable mysteries that still remain a mystery

How Do Cats Purr?

Did you know when cats purr, you cannot even hear their heart beating?  Most of the time, cats purr when they are relaxed. This sends out a signal of them feeling calm and happy. However, scientists also believe that it is their way of communicating their emotional needs too.

Over the years, there have been multiple theories over the same. The recent one says that purring begins in the brain. A rhythmic twitch at the rate of 25 to 150 vibrations that causes a sudden separation of the vocal cords, which leads to a purr.

Where Did Some Creatures Come From?

Many species and their evolution are still unknown. As the evolution of amphibians from fish is remains a mystery even after millions of years.

It is a well-known fact that dinosaurs became extinct from the earth naturally 65 million years ago. However, in their absence species of mammals without any ancestors appeared out of nowhere.

Do Cows Have a Magnetic Compass?

Several researchers point that cows sense the Earth’s magnetic field and prefer to align their bodies so that they face north or south when grazing or resting.

The amazing thing here is Cows are mostly blind but some researchers claim they have an internal magnetic compass that helps them align with the magnetic field lines. However, this explanation is refuted by many other scientists.

What Was The Gelatinous Rain?

On August 7, 1994, an unusual and unseen rainstorm befell the city of Oakville, WA. But unlike raindrops, these were gelatin blobs that covered over twenty square miles.

The ‘blob rain’ as it is termed were squishy and soon after it dropped, the whole town began suffering from flu-like symptoms. Several theories from being a bombing to a fluid waste from passing airplane toilet emerged but none ever could solve where did these gelatin blobs come from?

What Is Dark Matter?

85% of the matter in the universe is said to account for Dark matter. It does not absorb, reflect or emit light and hence remains undetected through electromagnetic radiation. In simple terms, Dark matter cannot be seen directly.

It is the most mysterious and non-interacting substance in the Universe. Its existence still remains a debate point amongst the world’s biggest scientists.

How Many Planets Are In the Solar System?

After Pluto was excluded from the list of planets, it is said that the solar system consists of a total of 8 planets. The Kuiper belt beyond Pluto consists of icy objects. It is home to three dwarf planets namely Pluto, Haumea, and Makemake.

Scientists also believe that Neptune’s Triton and Saturn’s Phoebe may have originated from the Kuiper Belt itself. However, in recent times some unknown planet as big as Earth pulled all the stones from the belt to itself.

Why Are People Right-handed or left-handed?

It is believed that 70% to 95% of humans are right-handed and the remaining 5% to 30% are left-handed. Researches have concluded that the preference of human hand is most likely produced by biological and genetic causes. However, the practice of using the right hand over left can ultimately change the pattern.

Why Did Megaafauna Become Extinct?

Large bodied mammals from all over the planet during the last ice age are called Megafauna. They were last seen on earth about 41,000 years ago.  Their extinction is usually termed due to environmental and ecological factors.

It is believed that the onset of warmer climates led to their extinction. However, there are other reports of the mammals dying due to starvation.

Why Do We Dream?

While some studies suggest that dreams are hallucinations occurring during different stages of sleep
others believe it happens when the brain is an inactive state but the person is in a state of paralysis.

The study of dreams is called oneirology. Scientists claim that dreams have different symbols hidden in the deep human psyche. After hundreds of years of research, they still don’t have a correct conclusion yet.

What Is The Space Roar?

Sounds cannot travel through a vacuum in space which is why no can hear you scream. Space roar was first discovered by Arcade. In 2006, a strong residual radio source was found in space but its origin remained unknown. The phenomenon of space roar to this date remains an unsolved problem in astrophysics.

Why Do We Have Different Blood Types?

Human blood contains certain antigens named A and B. Some studies claim that the human blood types came to exist to fend off infectious diseases. However, why some of them do not match others remains a question.

Scientists claim it is only an accident of evolution while others say it is related to diseases and immunity. A hard conclusive study is yet to be found.

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