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Unlock 4.0: Fitness Enthusiasts Are In Euphoria As Gyms And Yoga Institutes In Delhi Reopen

Let's hear from the fitness enthusiasts and fitness business owners how the complete shutdown tested their patience largely!

In the wake of the coronavirus pandemic, the loss that fitness industries went through seems quite baffling. As a part of the stringent measures to curb the spread of the deadly contagion, gyms and other fitness clubs were in complete shutdown since the last six months.  As Unlock 4.0 came into force, the demand to reopen fitness clubs in non-containment areas have been finally heard by the government.

“The last six months have been financially exhausting for all of us. I’m glad the government finally decided to heed to our demands and allowed reopening of gyms in the city,” says Ankur Sehgal, owner of two centres of Strength Gym in Paschim Vihar, Delhi.

Most gym owners and fitness enthusiasts in Delhi are super elated with the recent order that permits reopening of gyms and yoga institutes, with proper guidelines that mention how strictly these places need to adhere to social distancing protocols and other standard operating procedures due to Covid-19 situation.

Gym owners are of the perception that the resumption of their businesses will help them pay their employees. “I’ve been lending a helping hand to all my employees, and did not lay off anyone. But, this wasn’t the case with all places in Delhi as many lost their jobs during the time when gyms and other fitness centres were asked to remain shut, and not everyone had an alternate source of living. Hopefully now all those people will get some financial support,” adds Sehgal.

Fitness enthusiasts are thrilled with the decision as they will be able to resume their regime, which had gone for a toss because of the temporary closure of gyms. “Ever since the lockdown, I tried working out at home and used various apps to keep myself fit. But, it was extremely tough for me to maintain a routine. Now that the gyms are opening up again, I’m happy that I’ll have an hour just to myself,” says Rupsi Kumar, a Delhi-based HR professional.

Arpan Khosla, a Dwarka-based stand-up comedian, is hopeful that people will be extremely cautious while resuming their visits to fitness centres amid the ongoing pandemic, and says, “Though we are still battling cases of Covid-19, I feel it’s a good thing that gyms are reopening since they are important for a person’s physical and mental health; both of which have deteriorated during the pandemic. But, I hope all the safety measures are followed!”

“We will ensure all safety measures are complied with,” says Nikhil Kakkar, COO, Gold’s Gym India. Sharing that the safety of their staff and members is on top of their mind, he adds, “Trainers have been asked to wear masks and gloves at all times, and sanitisation stations have been erected at all centres. We will follow basic cleaning and disinfecting protocols, and will sanitise the clubs on an hourly basis. There will be less members for each session in order to main social distancing.”

In non-containment zones, yoga institutes have also been granted access to resume classes. Poonam Arora, who runs Priyasha Yoga Studio in Rohini, says, “I’ve reduced my batch size, and am screening all members (before they enter the class). During this pandemic, people have become more conscious of their health and well-being, so I’m hoping this will boost our business after a six-month lull!”

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