Best 18+ Ullu Web Series to Download & Watch Online (January 2021)

From Charmsukh to Kavita Bhabhi: Here's how to watch and download Ullu web series for free?

If you love watching bold and erotic web series, then you must have an idea what Ullu app is. This is a streaming platform popularly known for producing sensual web series, shorts film and movies.

Ullu is merely a few years old OTT platform but it has managed to create a humongous fan following across the country thanks to Gandii Baat, Kavita Bhabhi, Charmsukh and Virgin Boys. Ullu app is a platform which keeps uploading web series and movies even during the lockdown to keep its loyal subscribers entertained.

Unlike other OTT platforms, Ullu is one of the fastest-growing adult streaming platforms. It has been only two years since it was launched and it has a produced dozens of exclusive (Original) adult web series or movies.

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Ullu app might not be producing web series or movies as powerful as Netflix, Amazon Prime Video and Hotstar but there are certain web series which will surely make you fall in love with them.

In this article, we will talk about some of the best yet erotic and adult web series you must watch and download from Ullu App.

Best Ullu Web Series Download (January 2021)

1. #MeToo Wolf of Bollywood

Ullu Web Series Download

  • Genre: Drama, Erotic, Thriller
  • Director: Deepak Pandey
  • Cast & Crew: Vivan Bhatena, Amit Behl, Sikandar Kharbanda, Bikramjeet Kanwarpa, Isha Anand Sharma
  • Number of Episodes: 8 Episodes

This Ullu web series is based on a movement #MeToo, which revealed the dark side of the glamorous industry. #MeToo web series is based on a successful investment banker Karan Mathur, who is all set to get married to his office lover Avantika Sharma.

Things took an ugly turn when Karan Mathur’s friend was found dead in an event with a suicide note written #MeToo on it. This web series is all about an investigation what led to taking this extreme step and who molested her.

If you love to watch suspend and erotic web series, Ullu’s #MeToo is surely a perfect option for you.

2. 3G-Gaali Galoch Girls

Ullu Web Series Download

  • Genre: Comedy, Drama, Erotic
  • Director: Sajan Agarwal
  • Cast & Crew: Kavya Kiran, Akshita Sethi, Pari Choudhary, Paras Saluja, Vishal Dubey
  • Number of Episodes: 8 episodes

This web series is all about three urban girls who happen to be best friends. They always talk about their fantasies and sex in their free time. Have you watched Amazon Prime’s Four More Shots? If yes, then Ullu’s 3G-Gaali Galoch Girls will make you fall in love.

All three girls believe in equality and why should boys have all the fun ideology. This web series could have been directed way better but if you like adult web series, you may add it to your list.

3. Halala

Ullu Web Series Download

  • Genre: Adult, Drama, Romance
  • Director: Deepak Pandey
  • Cast & Crew: Shafaq Naaz, Ravi Bhatia, Eijaz Khan, Neelima Azeem, and Deepika Singh Goyal
  • Number of Episodes: 11 Episodes

Ullu’s web series Halala is based on a controversial practice done by Muslims across the world. For the unversed, Halala is a practice in which a divorced woman marries to another man to consummate her marriage and get divorced to remarry her first husband.

Ullu App’s adult web series Halala showcases a story of a Muslim woman Afza, who is happily married to Rahil. Soon their lives take an expected turn when a frustrated Rahil utters three words ‘Talaq’ ending their marriage.

Realizing his mistake, Rahil wants to marry Afza again but she had to go through Halala to remarry Rahil. Will Afza opt for Halala to remarry Rahil? If you love watching adult web series, do not forget to watch this web series as it has some steamy scenes.

4. The Bull of Dalal Street

Ullu Web Series Download

  • Genre: Drama, Romance, Erotic
  • Director: Deepak Pandey
  • Cast & Crew: Iqbal Khan, Ashmit Patel, Kunal Verma, Priyal Gor, Aparna Sharma, Naina Chhabra
  • Number of Episodes: 8 episodes

The Bull of Dalal Street is a web series based on the life of an Indian Stockbroker ‘Harshad Mehta’. It is all about a journey of a man who he became the King on the stock market, who later regarded as the strongest man of the bull of Dalal Street.

The web series showcases the biggest stock market scam that took place in 1992 by Harshad Mehta. This adult web series portrays who Harshad Mehta was ready to do anything for the sake of money.

How Harshad Mehta lost all of his money and fame is showcased in this web series. Will he be able to gain the same stardom again? If you want to invest in the stock market or love watching some bold content, this web series is a must-watch.

5. Riti Riwaj

Ullu Web Series Download

  • Genre: Erotic
  • Director: Ritesh Kumar
  • Cast & Crew: Sanni Singh (Shanta), Payal (Beena), Ankita Bhattacharya (Maya) Yugant
  • Pandey (Bhagat Ram) Vipul Gupta (Prakash)
    Number of Episodes: 2 Episodes (Part 1 & Part 2)

Riti Riwaj is one of the most-watched Indian adult web series. This Ullu web series is merely focused on the sexual desires of a woman, about which we usually do not talk about in our society.

Riti Riwaj showcases how rural areas are badly affected by the water shortage and amid that how a man is fulfilling his desires by getting married to multiple women. However, he is not able to fulfill the desire of one of his wife. How will she fulfil her desire?

If you love watching bold web series and erotic web series, then Riti Riwaj is surely the perfect option to watch binge-watch.

6. Mona Home Delivery

Ullu Web Series Download

  • Genre: Erotic, Drama
  • Director: Sanjiv R. Chadha
  • Cast: Kangna Sharma, Pratima Kazmi, Vijay Raaz, Raju Kher, Ganesh Acharya, Rajpal Yadav, Mukesh Tiwari, Zakir Hussain, Badrul Islam, Anant Jog, Rajesh Sharma, Shail Phull, Ganesh Yadav
  • Number of Episodes: 8 episodes

Mona Home Delivery is one of the most popular web series produced by Ullu App as of now. The story of this adult web series revolves around a beautiful girl ‘Mona’ (Kangana Sharma) who had a rough childhood.

Somehow, she does not want to live a miserable life anymore and she decides to use her sizzling body for living a rich life. Finally, she opts to become a call girl and she starts living her life to the fullest.

This Ullu app adult web series is an excellent watch if you love watching bold contents.

7. 26 January

Ullu Web Series Download

  • Genre: Patriotic, Romance, Thriller
  • Director: Deepak Pandey
  • Cast: Madhurima Tuli, Mrunal Jain
  • Number of Episodes: 4 Episodes’

If you are a truly patriotic and love watching patriotic movies and web series then Ullu web series January 26 is a must-watch. Besides patriotism, this web series is full of romance and suspense.

This web series depicts a love story of Ved (Mrunal Jain) and Insiya (Madhurima Tuli). Ved is an ATS (Anti Terrorist Squad) officer,  who loves two things the most, one is his girlfriend and the other thing his country.

However, he is unaware of the fact that his girlfriend is a suspected terrorist. How Ved will react when he gets to know about the truth of his girlfriend? Will he choose his sweetheart over his nation?

8. Size Matters

Ullu Web Series Download

  • Genre: Comedy, Drama, Erotic
  • Director: Bandita Bora
  • Cast & Crew: Riju Biswas, Khatija Iqbal, Tejdeep Gill, Poorti Arya, Priyanka Bora, Momita Jaise, Meghna Dutta
  • Number of Episodes: 4 Episodes

Size Matters is one of the most erotic Ullu web series. It is based on a young couple Manpreet and Akash, who is all set to get married. Manpreet’s cousin told her to ask her groom to be Akash to send the picture of his genitals.

When she asks the same to Akash, he initially lies to her due to lack of that attribute and later sends the photo of his friend’s private part. Somehow, they get marries but the lies make everything so complicated between the couple on their nuptial night.

How will Aksh tell her wife that the photo he sent was of his friend? It is a funny and erotic web series. Ullu had recently dropped the second season of Size Matters.

9. Khul Ja Sim Sim

Ullu Web Series Download

  • Genre: Comedy, Drama, Erotic
  • Director: Ravikant Singh
  • Cast & Crew: Nikita (Simran), Kundan Kumar (Awdhesh), Devesh Siwal (Katta), Meena Naithani (mother-In-Law), Yogesh Parihar (Tejpratap)
  • Number of Episodes: 8 episodes

Khul Ja Sim Sim is comedy and sensual web series. It will give a perfect pack of laugh and entertainment. This Ullu web series is based on a young and stunning beauty girl Simran, who gets happily married to Awdesh (Kundan Kumar). But her dreams of sexual pleasure got shattered when she got to know about her husband’s deficiency. She left with no option but to limit her desires.

As she has a sizzling body attracting every man’s attention in the village. But she is tricked by a gangster who wants to marry her. So overall, it is a good series with lots of drama, humour and adult content. If you are a fan of such content, you must watch this series.

10. Kavita Bhabhi

Ullu Web Series Download

  • Genre: Adult, Erotic
  • Director: Faisal Saif
  • Cast & Crew: Kavita Radheshyam (Kavita), Nishant Pandey (Karan, Ajay, Varun, Avinash), Amita Nangia (Mother-In-Law), Divya Dwivedi (Rashmi, Aarti)
  • Number of Episodes: 8 Episodes

Kavita Bhabhi is one of the most erotic and successful Ullu web series. The series has already been renewed for two seasons. As the name of this web series suggests, Kavita Bhabhi is said to be inspired by an adult comic Savita Bhabhi.

This adult web series is all about a seductive Bhabhi, who seduces a man with her voice over phones. Man is attracted to her she charges them a hefty amount in return of these phone calls.

In every phone call, she narrates a separate makeout story in a very seductive and romantic way. You will be experiencing a lot of seductive stories in Kavita Bhabhi web series.

11. Charmsukh 

Ullu Web Series Download

  • Genre: Adult, Erotic, Drama
  • Total Episodes: 13 episodes

Charmsukh is arguably one of the most popular adult web series produced by Ullu app. Each episode of Charmsukh web series has a separate story to narrate. Each episode revolves around the desires of different characters and what price they have to pay for their desires.

Some of them are Tadap, Le De Ke Bol, Dubeji & The Boys, Wanna Have a Good Time, Fareb among others.

12. Virgin Boys

Virgin Boys Web Series Download

  • Genre: Adult, Romance
  • Total Parts: 2

Virgin Boys is the latest web series released on Ullu App. The web series revolves around three unmarried men and their desire to have a woman in their lives. Somehow, all of them falls in love with an individual woman but things take an ugly turn when a house servant visits their house.

This Ullu App has plenty of steamy and sizzling moments that will surely turn you on. If you looking for an adult web series with comedy, this is a decent pick.

This list of Ullu web series to download and watch online was last updated on July 2, 2020. We will keep it updating on a weekly basis.

13. Sunny Winter

Ullu web series Sunny Winter download

  • Genre: Adult, Drama
  • Total episodes: 3

Sunny Winter is one of the most erotic Ullu web series. The story of the web series revolves around a man (Sunny), who dreams of becoming a global adult star. Before becoming an international PO*n star, he tries his luck in local po*n industry first.

Sunny’s father, who is a cop by profession, wants him to complete his studies first to fulfil his dream. When police decide to uproot the on-going salacious racket, sunny’s father also pledges to unite. Will this lead sunny to prison? Will sunny fulfil his dreams?

All episodes of Sunny Winter are streaming on Ullu app.

14. Prabha Ki Diary

Prabha Ki Diary web series download

  • Genre: Drama, Erotic
  • Total Episode: 2

The latest web series released by Ullu app is Prabha Ki Diary. The web series turned out to be a massive hit among the audience and it is likely that the streaming platform will soon drop its part 2 and 3.

The story of Prabha Ki Diary revolves around an unsatisfied woman, who dreams of winning her husband’s heart but she fails. On one day, a stranger knocks on her door and he seems to fall in love with Prabha at first sight.

Initially, Prabha wants to kick him out and suppress her feeling for him but she could not resist the blazing passion for long. Will Prabha abandon her husband for a stranger? That forms the rest of the story.

Directed by Sanjay Amar, Prabha Ki Diary is a must-watch.

15. Meri Dil ki Chahat

  • Genre: Comedy, Erotic, Fantasy
  • Total Episode:

Meri Dil KI Chahat is the latest web series released by Ullu App. This erotic web series is about four struggling actors who are finding it hard to pay rent to their landlord Dubeyji. To make money they decided to work as call-boys but their dream of becoming successful call-boys turn into a nightmare when they were called.

Directed by Deepak Pandey, Meri Dil Ki Chahat has an ensemble cast of Bijendra Kala, Rahul Manchandana, Keshav, Rahul Jaitly, Raj Kumar, Pooja Dixit, Ruchi Verma, Priya Gamre, Mann Kapoor, Afsar Khan, Varun Joshi, Baby.

16. Ishq Ka Nazrana

Best Ullu web series

  • Genre: Drama, Erotic
  • Total Episode:

Ishq Ka Nazrana is yet another Ullu’s 18+ web series, which is directed by Deepak Pandey. This web series revolves around a woman, who goes to her maternal home. When she is gone, her husbands calls for a prostitute. When the prostitute arrives at his home, the man was astonished to see her because she looks exactly like his wife.

Does his wife work as a prostitute or something else? To know the truth, you will have to watch all of the episodes of Ishq Ke Nazrana.

The web series features Flora Saini, Manish Raisinghan, Dhiraj Rai in pivotal roles.

How to download Ullu web series in HD quality?

Yes, you can download all Ullu web series from Ullu App. What all you have to do is to follow these steps.

  • First of all, you should know that the Ullu app does not provide free trials to its users.
  • Download Ullu App from Google Play Store.
  • Once Installation is done, sign up to the app.
  • If you do not have an active subscription, you will have to buy one.
  • Find your desired web series and binge-watch.

How To Download Ullu Web Series For Free?

There are dozens of illegal sites out there leaking all web series of Ullu App for free download. Instead of providing a list of torrent sites to download Ullu web series, we would recommend you to watch and download Ullu web series for free from MX Players.

Yes, you read that right. Not all but almost all Ullu web series are available on MX Player and it is 100 per cent free.

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