Ullu App’s Halala Web Series: Cast, Trailer & How To Download All Episodes For Free

Online Streaming platforms Ullu App, has recently launched a web series titled Halala (controversial practice done by Muslims). The web series Halala explores how a woman goes through when her husband utters three words ‘Talaq Talaq Talaq’ to his wife. Ullu App’s web series Halala has highlighted the practice of Nikah Halala, which says if a man gives her wife triple talaq or wants to remarry her, woman her marry another man and consummate her marriage. This is the only way that the couple can live together.

Ullu App’s web series Halala

Halala web series features Deepika Singh, Ravi Batia, Shafaq Naaz and Eijaz Khan. The story of Halala revolves around a couple (Afza and Raahil) who begin their lives a happy couple but later Raahi gets angry for some reason and decided to end their marriage by uttering three words.

Following his decision, he regrets and wishes to get Afza back as her wife, but it was too late. Yes, according to Shariah Law, when a husband utters three words to his wife, they are not allowed to live together as a husband and wife unless they follow the practice of Nikah Halala. Ullu App’s Halala actor Ravi Bhatia to be seen in a Music video

The web series Halala showcases, how Raahul asks their elder to remarry Afza but they told him if he wants to remarry her, Afza has to go through the practice of Nikah Halala. Raahil told Afza that his cousin Zaid will do Nikah with her as an only option left. Somehow, Afza manages to muster courage and ready for the practice of Nikah Halala with his cousin Zaid. But, what happens later will give you goosebump.

Ullu’s web series Halala has the popular and talented actress-dancer Neelima Azeem who portrays the role of a mother in the show, Shafaq is set to play the show’s lead while Ravi and Eijaz will play her husbands and Deepika will portray the role of a lawyer in the awaited series.

Shafaq Naaz on Halala’s bold scenes

The web series has shown some bold or intimate scene between Raahil or Afza and Zaid. Speaking about the bold scene Shafaq Naaz did for Halala, she told SpotboyE, “It was really difficult, to be honest, because it was something out of my comfort zone. The only I reason I agreed was because it was making sense as per the storyline.”

“So, these scenes are not added just because it’s a web series and some adult content needs to be there. The scenes are well-connected to the story and they have helped bring out those moments in the most beautiful way,” she added.

Shafaq Naaz was initially hesitant to Steamy Sex Scenes in Halala web series

She further added, “When they approached me for this series and mentioned about such bold scenes, I was very hesitant. I clearly told them I don’t have any issues doing it but my only concern is it should make sense to the storyline or else I don’t want to do it.”

‘Director, Eijaz & Ravi Helped Me In Being Comfortable’

The actress further told the entertainment portal, “When we were shooting the scene, I took a lot of time to convince myself. Thankfully, my director and both the actors Eijaz and Ravi helped me in being comfortable. They were really very nice and I think because of them only I could perform so well. They eased me out in that environment.”

Ullu App web series Halala all episodes leaked on Tamilrockers, torrent sites

Ullu App’s web series Halala turned out to be one of the most popular web series created by Ullu App. The web series Halala has been leaked by Tamilrockers, movierulz, filmy wap and other torrent websites. Yes, you can download the HD print of Halala from torrent or Tamilrockers websites for free.

The web series is currently streaming on Ullu App, you can buy the subscription of the app and watch and download Halala web series. The subscription of Ullu App is quite cheaper.

Since Halala has been leaked by torrent websites, you should know that downloading Halala or any web series from Tamilrockers or torrent website might land you in trouble as it is not legal in India.

Ullu App’s web series Halala Cast

  • Deepika Singh
  • Shafaq Naaz
  • Eijaz Khan
  • Ravi Bhatia
  • Neelima Azeem

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