Top 13 Best Free Websites To Download TV Series In HD Quality (December 2020)

Here are some of the best websites to watch and download TV Series for free.

Television series has witnessed a tremendous boom in recent years. From crime to romance, TV shows with different genres and themes have been rolling out throughout the year. Everyone loves to binge watch TV series but millions of people are unable to watch them because of money constraints. With that section of people in mind, we have curated a list of TV series download sites allowing you to watch and download all the latest TV shows at the comfort of your home.

There are hundreds of free TV series download sites available on the internet but the majority of them are illegal. If you are looking for legal and best series online download site then don’t worry, we got your back. All the TV series download websites we have enlisted here will allow you to download TV series for free without any restrictions.

Without any further ado, let’s take a look:

List of the best free TV series download sites (Dec 2020)

1. YouTube

TV Series Download Websites

There is no denying of the fact that YouTube is one of the most popular video-sharing platforms across the world. It is an open platform where anyone can upload and download contents like videos, tutorials, songs, movies and TV series for free. Using its search feature, you can find hundreds of old and classic TV shows.

It is to be noted that YouTube lets its users download for offline watch. There are dozens of software and apps available on the internet offering an option to download songs, movies and TV series for free from YouTube.

Before you find any TV series on YouTube, let me tell you that this is a great platform for only old movies and TV shows. If you are looking for the latest TV series like Money Heist and Vikings then you will be disappointed.

2. Hulu

TV Series Download Websites

Hulu is arguably one of the most popular platform to watch and download TV series for free. Hulu is the United States-based subscription video-on-demand service owned by Walt Disney Direct-to-Consumer & International, a business segment of The Walt Disney Company, with NBCUniversal, owned by Comcast, as an equity stakeholder.

Hulu is a subscription-based video on demand platform but it provides a 30-day free trial to its new users. In its free trial, you might not be able to access a lot of contents but you can watch more than 100 movies and TV shows for free.

Besides an attractive and engaging website, Hulu does have an app for both Android and iOS users.  Notably, Hulu isn’t available in all countries around the world. So, the usage of a VPN or proxy is required to access the platform.

3. The Roku Channel

TV Series Download Websites

The Roku Channel stands as one of the best websites to download TV series without any registration. This streaming platform can be accessed via its official website Once you gain its access, you can easily find your desired TV show as it has a very simple and easy navigation.

Before you visit this website, let me tell you only the citizens of the US can access the website. In order to download TV series from The Roku Channel, you will have to use VPN technology.

4. Retrovision

TV Series Download Websites

Have you ever visited Retrovision website? If yes then you must have an idea of its huge collection of TV shows and movies. With the help of its navigation feature, you can find any TV series instantly. Besides a website, it has an Android app named Classic UHF, which you can use to watch and download TV series for free.

The website splits its content into various popular categories like Adventure, Comedy, Crime, Cartoons, Sci-Fi, Horror, War, Drama, and Westerns.

5. Open Culture

TV Series Download Websites

Open Culture, as its name suggest, is a website that has a wide range of contents ranging from books, online courses, movies, and TV shows. The websites has been functioning since the year 2006. The website makes sure to provide all the latest and old TV shows in HD quality.

What differentiates Open Culture from the rest of the TV series download websites is you can download any TV shows without registration. According to reports, the platform has more than 1,150 free movies including Special collection of Oscar-winning movies and Charlie Chaplin movies that you can watch and download for free.

6. Sony Crackle

TV Series Download Websites

Sony Crackle is surely one of the best free websites to download TV series online. This streaming platforms air free movies along with a few advertisements for monetization purpose. Regardless of what device you are using, you can watch all the latest TV shows for free on Sony Crackle.

Simile to Netflix and Amazon Prime Video, Sony Crackle does provide an option to download any content for the offline watch but you will have to install its official app for the same.

Similar to The Roku Channel, Sony Crackle is also not available in India yet. If you wish to explore this free movie streaming site, all you have to do is to use a VPN software.

7. Grab the Beast

TV Series Download Websites

Grab The Beast is one of the best free TV series download website. The interface of this website is quite simple making it easier for users to find their desired movie in no time. When you visit Grab The Beast, you will see dozens of TV shows featured at its homepage. If your desired movie is not featured, you can find the same by using its navigation feature.

After finding the desired TV series, select a specific episode and press the ‘Download’ button. You can download all the TV series in Full HD 1080p, HD 720p and SD 480p in either mp4 or MKV formats. What makes this website popular among the audience is you can request for any TV show or movie that you did not find on the website.

Notably, you do not need to sign up to access the website.

8. Netflix

TV Series Download Websites

Netflix is without a doubt one of the most popular OTT platforms across the world. Similar to Amazon Prime Video and Hulu, Netflix offers a 30-day free trial to its new users as well. Unlike other streaming platforms, Netflix has a huge library of its Original contents.

The streaming giant keeps releasing TV shows, movies and documentaries for its millions of users.  Some of the most popular TV series you can download from Netflix are Money Heist, Elite, 13 Reasons Why, Breaking Bad, Playing With Fire among others.

If you love watching TV series in multiple languages and with subtitle, there is no better website than Netflix to download TV shows for free.

9. Adder TV

TV Series Download Websites

Adder TV is yet another free website to download TV shows and subtitle. Unlike YouTube, Adder TV is a platform from where you can download not only all the latest TV series but also old TV shows as well. Similar to Grab The Beast, this streaming platform provides download link of all the TV series at a single click as well.

When you visit the website, you will see a simple search box indicating multiple genres for easy identification. This website gives you an option to download either a single episode or a full series in a single file.

10. ETTV Torrent

TV Series Download Websites

ETTV Torrent is one of the best places to download TV series for free. This might be a kind of torrent website but it has everything that you look for. This website has a huge collection of TV shows and making it easier for users to find their desired content, they have segregated all the shows as per their genre and year.

Downloading TV series from ETTV torrent website can be tricky at sometimes. It means the contents would not start to download the moment you click on the ‘Download’ button. You must have some torrent clients like Bit Torrent or UTorrent client installed in your device to get the content downloaded.

11. PopcornFlix

TV Series Download Websites

PopcornFlix is a free streaming platform launched in 2011. It offers a wide range of contents including Movies, Documentaries and TV shows for free download. What makes this website unique from the others is you can download all the latest and old TV series without registration.

Similar to Sony Crackle, this website is not available in India. However, users in North American can access the site for free. Apart from providing contents from third-party platforms, Popcornflix produces a lot of exclusive contents for its millions of users.

All the movies and TV shows featured on the site are ad-supported, which means that you need to watch advertisements to view a full-length movie or shows.

12. Movies Found Online

TV Series Download Websites

Movies Found Online is undoubtedly one of the best and free websites to download TV series for free. Besides featuring all the latest TV series on its homepage, they also show you what the entire world is currently watching.

There are certain reasons behind its soaring popularity across the world and one of them is all the TV series you download from Movies Found Online comes with subtitles. Yes, you would not need to download subtitle separately.

The website is known for having a huge collection of movies ranging from cult classics and short films to documentaries and comedy and sexuality films.

13. Yahoo View

TV Series Download Websites

Yahoo View is one of the most trusted and free websites to download TV series in HD quality. Before you visit the website, let me tell you that this can not be accessed outside the US. The website has a very simple and user-friendly interface making it easier for users to find their desired TV show within a few seconds.

If you living outside the US and want to access the site, you are required to have VPN installed in your device. Yahoo View is superbly created free movie streaming site. Yes, you would not waste a minute to find your desired movie. The website has a very user-friendly and clean interface, providing its millions of users a smooth experience. You can simply search or select the genres to find your desired movies or TV shows.

Unlike Netflix or Amazon Prime Video, Yahoo View does not produce a lot of exclusive contents for its users. Most of the contents provided by the service are powered by Hulu and other video streaming sites.

These are the 13 best free TV series download websites. This list was last updated on December 5, 2020. We will keep updating it on a weekly basis.

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