Top 10 Powerful Sacred Games Dialogue

Check out these powerful Sacred Games Dialogue which made us fall in love with the series

Netflix for the first time had released their first Indian original series ‘Sacred Game’ which gained immense favorability from the viewers worldwide. The reason behind it to gain such huge attention from the beginning was not only because it was the first Netflix Indian Original Series making it to the spotlight for many as the curiosity in the viewers was immense which played a good enough role in it becoming popular as soon as it was released.

But the most important thing that attracted the viewers was the script and the dialogue delivery which had a huge impact as it pointed out some harsh truth of society in a way that we had never seen before. Many big screen actors like Nawazuddin Siddiqui, Saif Ali Khan, Pankaj Tripathi, Radhika Apte, and many other’s dialogue delivery and acting gave an amazing spice to the whole series.

Here are some of the most powerful Sacred Games Dialogue

  1. “Bhagwan ko maante ho? Bhagwan ko l*nd farak nahi padta”.Sacred Games Dialogue

  2. “Paise ke naam pe aisa dosti hua, jaise hum ek g**nd hagte ho”.Sacred Games Dialogue

  3. “Jab desh ke PM ka imaan nahin toh apun sidhe raaste chal ke kya karega”.Sacred Games Dialogue

  4. “Hindustan jab Hindustan nahin bana tha tab se politics ki macchi ko dharam ke tel mein fry karte hue aaye hain”.   Sacred Games Dialogue

  5. “Teri g*nd mein chhatri daal ke nahin khola na toh mera naam Bunty nahi”.Sacred Games Dialogue

  6. “Guns, drugs, property sab chota dhandha hai. Asli dhanda hai politics”.Sacred Games Dialogue

  7. ” Bhagwan aadmi se kahani me baat karta hai. Hum sab ka life ek kahani hai”.Sacred Games Dialogue

  8. “Kite aadmi se pila kar aayi hai meri bail karane k liye?    Sacred Games Dialogue

  9. “Tum mardon ko aisa kyun lagta hain ki har aurat ko tumhe hi bachana hai”.

    Sacred Games Dialogue

  10. “Dharmon ka roop yahi hai. Rahgeer ko prem se ghar bulao. Aadar samit bhojan grahan karo. Phir uski aatma pe kabza kar lo”. Sacred Games Dialogue

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