Did You Know Tom Cruise Invested Around 2000 Hours To Nail This Particular Shot In Mission Impossible: Fallout? Watch!

Check Out Tom Cruise's helicopter stunt here

Tom Cruise is one of the famous personalities in the world of cinema. He has a huge fan following across the globe and holds a name for his action gimmicks. Although he has to his credit a number of blockbusters, the actor has majorly carved a name with his Mission: Impossible series.

Tom Cruise notably has won our heart with his stunts worldwide and no wonder, Akshay Kumar followed suit. His undying zeal for delivering flawless sequences automatically makes him a fan favourite. A tale of perpetual passion and determination towards his craft was seen during the shoot of Mission: Impossible – Fallout, about which only a handful of people know.

Those who have seen Mission: Impossible – Fallout, could reminiscence Tom Cruise aka Ethan Hunt operating the helicopter in an adept manner. To make the helicopter stunt in the film look faultless, Tom  nailed it with perfection. This veteran invested around 2,000 hours to become a certified pilot of the helicopter to perfect this shot.

Talking about the same, Airbus Chief Instructor Tim McAdams said, “There are very few students who have [Tom’s] level of dedication and focus.”
“It’s super important for a movie like Mission to be doing it all practically and for real. The audience can tell when something’s being cheated,” stunt coordinator Wade Eastwood quoted.

Check Out the video here:


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