‘Boon Granted’: THIS Indian version of Tiktok app is a breath of fresh air in the world of video content

This Indian version of tiktok app is slowly making its way into the world of content

Several famous short video applications such as TikTok, Likee, Helo and more 56 of them have been debarred by the Indian Government on June 29, 2020. This firm move by the government have led the users of TikTok and Likee to find for similar alternatives to start producing video content again. Having a large user base to its credit, many TikTokers took the application as a medium to earn well. This, in turn, resulted to many Indian TikTok alternatives which have emerged in the market after PM Narendra Modi insisted on supporting Atmanirbhar Bharat to the countrymen.

Meanwhile, a new app has drastically made its way into the market called the Tna Tan app which is also a short video social media platform. Users can now step in to curate interesting videos, draw likes and find themselves becoming popular on the app. On the other hand, several netizens may be scratching their heads over “What is the Tna Tan app?” and “Tna Tan app is from which country?”  If all these questions are giving you sleepless nights, then we have the perfect answer booklet for you.

The Tna Tan App is an Indian TikTok alternative that users have been on the lookout for so long. This allows users to record and share short videos with its substantial list of overwhelmingly impressive filters. To add to this, you can even scroll through numerous short videos in the Discover section where one can also download them, like them, share them on other social media platforms and many more.

This mobile application is solely an India-based social platform designed for people to replace Chinese apps like TikTok, Likee and more. The Tna Tan app is trying hard to generate an absorbing market where creative genes around the world can share thought provoking and artistic contents easily.

This particular application is developed by an Indian app development company called CityDekho developers. The organisation has till now released three applications on Google Play Store, one of which is the Tna Tan Short videos app. The short video app is a free social media platform for creating, sharing and discovering unique, funny and conceptual videos.

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