Throwback Diaries: How Anil Ambani Convinced His Family For His Marriage to Tina Ambani

Let's take a sneak peek into Tina and Anil's love life

Anil Ambani, an illustrious businessman of the country, clocks a year older today. Now that he is celebrating his 61st birthday. Anil’s love story is a lot more engaging than his business life. He tied the knot with actress Tina Munim in 1991 and has two sons, Jai Anmol Ambani and Jai Anshul Ambani.

The love life of Tina and Anil is no less than a film plot with all twists and turns. Anil met Tina for the first time at a wedding and lost his heart to her, followed by which they again met in America.

Anil kept searching for excuses to meet Tina while she chose to ignore him. Eventually, the two met and the actress was impressed by Anil’s simplicity. Anil was already head over heels for Tina and after this meeting, the two started dating each other.

Tina and anil

When Anil expressed his love for Tina to his family, everyone was dead against this relationship. for the sole reason that they never wanted an actress to step into the house as a daughter-in-law. Following this, Anil started creating distance from Tina under pressure.


Tina, eventually, bid adieu to the film industry and studied interior designing. The two were not in talking terms for nearly four years. On the other hand, Anil was receiving marriage proposals but he constantly refused them.

In an interview, Anil had said that this phase was a very difficult and painful one. It was a mere coincidence that they again ran into each other.

In 1989,  when an earthquake hit Los Angeles. Anil tried to contact her because she was living there. After several attempts he pulled out Tina’s number and called her, and thus, their conversation took a new turn from there.

Anil again put a word in front of his family about Tina and the Ambani family finally gave in to Anil’s insistence. Anil and Tina Munim were married off with the consent of the two families after Tina returned to India and in 1991.

Anil and Tina


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