Follow THESE 7 Hacks To Lead An Energetic And A More Productive Life Ahead!

Lead a productive life with these 7 meaningful hacks

Video creator Therese, known as ‘studytee’ on YouTube, speaks of extremely easy habits one can add to their regime to live more productively. A third-year university student, residing in Norway, ‘studytee’ has concluded drawing from her experience, owing to planning tactfully and note-taking videos.

In a video titled ‘7 simple habits for a more productive life’, Therese shares the most basic habits that one should inculcate to work well and complete goals. These small steps can help one in being more energetic and result-driven.

The first habit should be to create a colour-coded to-do list. Therese says, “It shouldn’t take more than about five minutes and it is so helpful in the way that you always know what needs to be done.”

The second habit stands setting one or more goals for each day. “I find that it’s easier to be productive if you’re working towards a specific goal,” she says.

The third is to listen to an audiobook while on the way to and from work or university. The next habit is to read the news daily and be aware of our surroundings.

The fifth involves engaging in a brief brain training activity before heading off for the day’s work. Therese says, “I feel like, by doing…any type of puzzle, I kind of get into a problem-solving mood, and it also makes it easier to focus afterward.”

The sixth habit is to let your mind open to learning something new every day. “Taking some to do something educational that is not related to school or work,” she elaborates. And the last habit is to journal. She explains, “I usually journal before bed and it’s a great way to do something non-screen-related to unwind before I go to sleep.”

According to Therese, these small, daily tasks can act as stepping stones to a much more productive life.

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