Is The Weeknd’s song ‘Snowchild’ about ex Selena Gomez? the internet believes so

The Weeknd dropped the music video for 'Snowchild' and Twitter erupted with a similar response suggesting the song is about his ex Selena Gomez.

The Weeknd released his much-awaited song “Snowchild” on Wednesday, which is coincidentally (or not) his ex-girlfriend Selena Gomez’s birthday. As soon as the song went public, Twitterati flooded the internet with the conclusion that the song is about Selena Gomez. Apart from the release date, many fans pointed out how some of the lyrics hinted about his 10-month relationship with the pop singer.

The video begins with an animated background with balloons which fans believe is part of Selena’s birthday. “he (The Weeknd) released this song on Selena’s birthday (today) which is referenced from pretty much the first scene,” one Twitter user wrote while sharing screenshots of the balloons in the video as well as a pic of Selena surrounded by blue and white balloons on one of her past birthdays.
He also pointed out how the girl’s animated version is also wearing her hair like his ex Selena.
“he did a double-take at someone who wears her hair very similarly to Selena (she’s also wearing his jacket in the second pic),” the tweet read.

Check out his tweet here:

Selena had previously shared her “Cooking Together” playlist which included “Snowchild“. Pointing out the same, another user tweeted, “Today is Selena’s bday and she mentioned before that her fav song from the album is snow child… Abel, I got you… And also he liked his picture with her on insta recently..”

The Weeknd whose real name is Abel has been facing speculations about his songs for some time now. In March, netizens wrote how his song After Hours drew multiple references to his ex-girlfriend Bella Hadid. Fans also mentioned the “chrome heart” necklace that could be compared to one of Bella’s
jewelry pieces. Others insisted that the painful feelings he sings about are related to his on-again, off-again relationship with the model.

While The Weeknd is yet to confirm any of these speculations, it would be interesting to see if Selena’s response. Until then, fans will have to keep an eye out and have fun guessing!

Check out his Snowchild’s music video here:

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