Did you know Christopher Nolan crashed a REAL plane into a REAL building in ‘Tenet’?

Tenet star John David Washington revealed that Director Christopher Nolan crashed a real plane into a building to get that classic shot in the film's trailer.

Actor John David Washington has revealed that the plane crashing scene at the end of the much-awaited trailer of Tenet was real. The science-fiction spy film, directed by Christopher Nolan, continues to remain true to his filmmaking and capture important action scenes instead of using visual effect aid.

In a conversation with Cinemablend, Washington said that the crew went ballistic when Nolan captured the shot. “That was a real plane, and that was a real building that they crashed that plane into,” he said. “And we, cast and crew, all witnessed it. It was epic! It was incredible, we all cheered and hurrayed and hurrahed when they yelled cut after Chris felt like he got it. What you saw is really what happened – at least the night I was there.”

The crash shot comes at the end of the second trailer, released earlier this week. Robert Pattinson, who is also part of the film admitted that it is a “little dramatic”.

Nolan has previously crashed a rig using practical effects in The Dark Knight and shot an intense aerial sequence using real aircraft in Dunkirk. He is known to make his action scenes look as real as life. Nolan has by far one of the most distinct and engaging styles of filmmaking.

Since the release of its trailer, multiple theories comparing it with his previous hit Inception has gone viral.

Watch the trailer here:

Tenet also stars Kenneth Branagh, Michael Caine, Dimple Kapadia. The film has partially been shot in Mumbai and will be released in cinemas soon.

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