T-Series-Hariharan’s ‘Hanuman Chalisa’ Crosses 1 Billion Views On YouTube

Gulshan Kumar's Hanuman Chalisa has become the first ever devotional song to surpass 1 billion views on YouTube.

After dethroning PewDiePie, T-Series has become one of the most-subscribed YouTube channels in the world. T-Series has been producing songs for movies for years but it was devotional music that had helped Bhushan Kumar’s T-Series to gain fame and recognition in the early 90s.

T-Series has not established its name as entertainment music heavyweight but also as a flag bearer and a pioneer on the devotional/spiritual music front as Gulshan Kumar’s Hanuman Chalisa has garnered over a billion views on YouTube.

Yes, you read that right!. Gulshan Kumar’s Hanuman Chalisa has become the first ever devotional song to surpass 1 billion views on YouTube.

As the entire world is currently facing the wrath of Coronavirus, troubled times have encouraged people to turn to spirituality and look for solace in the Almighty.

T-Series Hanuman Chalisa features the founder of the label, Gulshan Kumar, reciting the Hanuman Chalisa, in front of a Lord Hanuman idol, along with a group of devotees. The devotional song was sung by veteran singer Hariharan.

Taking his father’s legacy forward, T-Series’ chairman and managing director Bhushan Kumar continues to focus on devotional music and has also attempted to keep it relevant to younger audiences.

“People turn to and recite the Hanuman Chalisa during their low phase. With the COVID-19 pandemic, we are all in the midst of a challenging situation, and the Hanuman Chalisa helps us to deal with pain and hardship and gives us the courage and strength to face problems. I’m overwhelmed with the love this devotional video has received. We, at T-Series have always focused, supported and brought to audiences devotional music right from the time of the inception of the company,” T-Series head Bhushan Kumar said.

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