Fake News Alert: Sushant Singh’s last tweets on social media FAKE!

Screenshot of tweets allegedly posted by Sushant Singh in the wee hours of Sunday has gone viral on Twitter.

The news of Sushant Singh’s sudden demise has shaken the Bollywood industry. His death has created a huge impact. While some are urging people to be kind and seek help in a crisis, others are busy blaming Bollywood nepotism for the actor’s tragedy. Sushant’s untimely death has left a question mark as to why the actor decided to take this extreme step. From conspiracy theories suggesting a professional rivalry to personal stress, netizens are conducting their own hateful social media jury.

Sushant had been suffering from clinical depression and was receiving treatment for the last six months. Reports of the actor being allegedly banned from multiple productions have surfaced. Netizens have been bashing  Bollywood bigwigs including Karan Johar, Alia Bhatt for Nepotism in the industry.

According to the police report, no suicide note was found at the actor’s apartment. However, chilling images of tweets allegedly posted by Sushant have surfaced on Twitter. Many are claiming that the actor posted these tweets in the wee hours of 14 June and deleted before his death. While the authenticity of these tweets is unknown, a report by india.com has confirmed the tweets are fake.

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One of the tweets read, “We men are not asked about our health, our mental state, our lives, our thoughts. We are not treated that way. I know I have been through a lot lately. I have been tired of trying so hard. It’s been a long journey with you people. I don’t know why I’m tweeting this..”

Take a look at the tweets below:

Another tweet mentioned the actor’s struggle to live.

Sushant Singh died on Sunday 14th, June at his Bandra residence by suicide.

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