“Don’t forget you’re an Indian!” Suhana gets trolled for partying with shirtless boys

Suhana Khan faces the ire of social media moral police after pictures of her partying with shirtless boys become viral on the Internet.

Trolling and sharing mean comments has become a common phenomenon, more so, if you are a celebrity. Every move is scrutinized, every picture passed judgment to. A recent victim to fall into this vicious online cycle is Suhana Khan. The daughter of Bollywood’s King Khan and famous designer Gauri is facing the heat after pictures from her college party was shared by her fan page.

Recently, one of Suhana Khan’s fan page shared pictures of her partying with her friends. The picture went viral and she was heavily trolled for her clothes and ‘foreigner’ friends. A user wrote, “Suhana, this is a Western culture and doesn’t forget you are an Indian and this is not Indian and Islamic culture.” The trolling did not stop there. Some users even objected to partying with shirtless men and slut-shamed her.

Suhana Khan is no stranger to brutal online trolling. She was also trolled for appearing on the cover of Vogue Magazine. Meanwhile, the star kid is waiting for the perfect opportunity to make her Bollywood debut. Shah Rukh Khan had also confirmed this, he said “Suhana has expressed her desire to become an actor, but she needs to complete her education first. I have often told her that she will have to work five times harder than me, get paid 10 times lesser than I do, and will require a lot of patience and perseverance to be successful.”

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