Star Wars Races: 10 Most Powerful Star Wars Alien Species (2020)

Here are the 10 best Star Wars species in the galaxy so far.

Aliens have long been a common entrant of the Star Wars universe. Starting from dangerous warrior races who want to take over the galaxy to those cute ones who love to topple repressive governments, all of these different aliens make movies and TV series a more lively one.

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Since the day Luke Skywalker and Obi-Wan Kenobi crossed the threshold of the Mos Eisley Cantina, the doors have been thrown open to numerous alien races. And with each film and TV series, more and more aliens have been added further to the Star Wars galactic pantheon.

So, as we continue to enjoy The Mandalorian and gear up for The Rise of Skywalker, let us look back at the greatest aliens in the galaxy as of now:

Best Star Wars Races

1. Wookiees

Best Star Wars Races

Let’s catch up with number one of Star Wars alien race, and of course it’s everyone’s favorite walking carpets – the Wookiees! Chewbacca and the Wookiees represent almost everything right about Star Wars. They possess a perfect, eye-grabbing, and memorable outline, and they are spectacular in combat. Chewbacca is utterly alien, but he still possesses a relatable amount of humanity.

Wookiees live on the planet Kashyyyk and are amazing fighters, engineers, and diplomats. Chewbacca is a perfect epitome of his race, as he brought together savagery and finesse in the battle against the Empire.  There, Wookiees live a harmonious life with both nature and technology and built a paradise – until the dark times.

2. Yoda’s Species

Best Star Wars Races

The moment this Jedi Master appeared on the screen, won the hearts of millions of fans. Yoda is also the most famous Stars Wars alien in all of cinema. The only thing that Yoda didn’t make it to our top spot was because Yoda was (almost) the prime representative of his race.

The fact that another of Yoda’s species, a female Jedi Master named Yaddle, was witnessed in the prequels feature another Yoda being out there, but the fate of Yoda’s planet and people remains a secret.

The popularity and perfection of the Yoda character earns the second spot on our list. Yoda is wise in character. He is the spiritual glue that ties together the Star Wars universe together, and the fact that he is from an unnamed people makes his species even more deep rooted in curiosity.

3. Tusken Raiders

Best Star Wars Races

Tusken Raiders, known by Sand People, are full of satire and are feared species in the Outer Rim. They’re are skilled hunters and killers that show anyone unfortunate enough to intrude in Tusken territory no mercy.

The Tusken Raiders seem to grasp on technology real quick, so they don’t have to rely on low-tech bludgeoning weapons to viciously murder chosen ones.

4. Jawas

Best Star Wars Races

The mystery yet to be uncovered in Star Wars history has to be, how does a Jawa look like without his (or her) hood? We have never seen the face of Jawa and that doesn’t eliminate from Jawa lore. Jawas are a scavenger species that are relied on the planet Tatooine. They seem to be in every little element of the planet, wheeling and dealing with people by selling cheap ass scavenged technology.

Jawas are like desert rats trying to settle for a living by trying to make-do with any piece of tech that comes their way.

Jawas can be seen loitering around all over Jabba’s Palace and the Mos Eisley cantina and are  truly enchanting. The Jawas are also the first alien race that appears in a Star Wars film.

5. Zabrak

Best Star Wars Races

There is no denying of the fact that Darth Maul is the coolest part of the prequels. The Zabrak Sith apprentice may very well own the most precious character design in the history of Star Wars. From possessing multiple horns to the propensity for tattoos and everything in between, the Zabrak species is a cosplayer’s dream come true.

On The Clone Wars, fans discovered that the Zabrak live under matriarchy, with the powerful Zabrak women serving as something similar to dark powers.

6. Hutt

Best Star Wars Races

For the first two Star Wars instalments, the Hutts, specifically one named Jabba, were mentioned only whispers. When fandom finally stumbled upon this corpulent race on the big screen, it was astonishing and disgusting to the core.

Hutts are an immense race of slug like giants that are as manipulative as they are rotund. The Hutts run a vast web of gory organizations so powerful and gruesome even the Empire looked the other way. Hutts seem to come in one shape and size, and they all seem to put credits above all else.

7. Chiss

Best Star Wars Races

This absolutely thrilling race hails from the plant Csilla in the Unknown Regions, a sector of space yet to be fully uncovered by the rest of the galaxy. Their obvious remote location makes it very little to know about the Chiss people as a whole, and they’re sometimes regarded as a mystical species by the general population.

As far as the rest of the Chiss race is concerned, it is run by the Chiss Ascendancy, an isolationist empire that has zero interest to do with the affairs of the Republic and later the Empire.

8. Twi’lek

Best Star Wars Races

Jabba’s immoral majordomo, Bib Fortuna, was the first Twi’lek to walk into the Star Wars universe, but he certainly does not seem to be the last. From senators to slave dancers to Jedi to masseuses, Twi’leks are found everywhere. All these great characters are fine examples of the diversity of the Twi’leks.

Twi’leks hold great name for their head tails (known as a lekku) and for their skills as athletes, artists, and warriors.

9. Togruta

Best Star Wars Races

In Attack of the Clones, fans met a Togruta Jedi named Shaak Ti. This Jedi had an exemplary design and looked royal in battle with the Separatists, but she did not earn enough to put the Togruta so high on our list.

Togruta have vivid and beautiful head tails that gift this race with a whole lot of sensitivity and empathy. This racial trait makes Togruta perfect Jedi. But Togruta are also equally apt for violence and war, which makes members of this beautiful alien culture fearful to look at.

10. Ewoks

Best Star Wars Races

Ewoks are the most compelling race in the Star Wars galaxy. The Ewoks may earn as a traditional race in all of the saga, but these hairy little bundles of adorable fury sure know how to plan an attack.

The Ewoks might be cute, but the first thing they did after meeting our heroes was try to swallow them. So before you disparage the Ewoks, remember they’re a race of killers bred for war that use the severed heads of their foes as musical instruments.

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