Not Face Masks And Shields, But THIS Protective Gear Is Currently Trending As The New Covid-19 Attire

Scroll down below to catch a glimpse of the new trending protective gear

Face masks and shields are no more merely protective gears. Infact, to make it more normalized and fashionable they have been molded into various designs, prints and patterns thereby setting fashion trends.

We recently came across Lady Gaga don a variety of statement face masks — from electric mask to helmet — at MTV VMAs 2020. In one of her appearances at the event, the singer was sporting a fishbowl space helmet. But this mask isn’t an exception. Space helmets are in fact trending, in the wake of the pandemic.

For instance, Toronto-based company VYZR Technologies launched ‘BioVYZR’ last April, featuring a hazmat helmet incorporating anti-fog windows, a low-volume, battery-powered cooling fan and hospital grade air-purifiers. It includes a germ-fighting shield with a fitted neoprene vest with adjustable straps, and also reversible gloves that allow you to touch your face.

As per the company, this protective shield seems like a perfect attire for “crowded public spaces, school and university classrooms, work, meetings and the office,” quoted Forbes in an article. And these helmets are currently sold out.

Another such helmet called ‘AIR’ was launched by MicroClimate, with an acrylic visor that allows users to “wear glasses without interference”. The fabric around the neck is lightweight and washable.

One of the arguments that was largely debated upon was that regular face masks obstruct the passage of air. One the other hand, makers of these space helmets reportedly affirm their products offer a very comfortable experience, including during air travel.

Again, artist Katya Lozanova recently launched a bonnet-like face shield attached to a hood that provides 360-degree protection which, when “combined with a face mask or bandana, droplets and dust have little to no chance of reaching your mouth, face, hair, or neck,” according to her website.

Similar to Gaga’s fishbowl helmet is ‘isphere’, launched by Plastique Fantastique, and it covers the whole face. The helmets also come with added modifications like a shade, filter, valve and ventilator or even microphone or headset, according to its website.

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