Did You Know You Can Use The Residual Water From Sour Milk In THESE 3 Ways?

These 3 ways can help you to use the residual water from spoilt milk


To begin with, milk inevitably spoils because it is not squeaky clean. Spoilage is a microbial joint endeavour. A second class of bacteria called Lactobacili, thereby converting lactose to lactic acid until it, too, stewing in its own acidic juice, ceases to multiply. This rising acidity tends to sour the milk.

When the milk becomes sour it can be used then to make paneer. This paneer is a great choice for health, because of its unprocessed nature and the fact that it is home made. But Most people tend to throw the remaining water away, because they are not aware of the various benefits the water offers.  Here is everything you need to know.

For kneading the dough

Most of the time we use normal water when kneading the dough to make rotis. But now, instead of using regular water, you can use the water from the milk for kneading. This way, you will be using the water for a nutritional purpose. It is highly recommended that the milk water will make your rotis softer than usual.

When cooking vegetables

You can utilise the water to make the broth, when you are cooking something nutritious for the family, involving vegetables. This water will add a certain fervour to the food, and also make it much healthier.

For making rice

If you come to see that there is enough water in the milk when it breaks, use it for preparing rice. If not, add some normal water into it. Once again, it will add a zing to the taste of rice and add many essential nutrients to it, including proteins.

Now with all these points, it becomes clear that the residual water from sour milk is not meant to be discarded. These factors can be considered when adding essential and power-packed nutrients in your diet.


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