Sonu Sood Gave A Hilarious Reply To A Twitter User On Asking Sonu To Help Him Elope With His Girlfriend

This is what Bollywood actor Sonu Sood replied to a Twitter user

True what they say-not all heroes wear capes. Bollywood actor Sonu Sood has become a messiah for all the relentless philanthropic work he has been doing for the under-privileged amid the coronavirus crisis. From ensuring stranded migrants reach their home safely to helping the needy by uplifting them in times of need, Sonu Sood has emerged out as a friend in times of need in such trying circumstances.

Each day, every moment Sonu Sood’s twitter timeline is flooded with countless genuine requests asking for help and he has been extending his support as per his capacity by standing with them.

Amongst many, in one such hilarious incident, a twitter user requested Sonu Sood to help him elope with his girlfriend. The twitter user had requested:

“Bhai.. Mujhe bhi kahi chhod do.. Girlfriend ke sath Bhagnaa hai!! Anman nicobar hi chhod do bhai!!”

(which translates to: Brother, please send me somewhere too, i have to run away with my girlfriend! Atleast send me to Andaman Nicobar!) ,

The tweet soon caught the sight of Sonu Sood, who came up with a hilarious reply. In his tweet, he shared a ‘better idea’, where he suggested to send his family along with him. He tweeted:

Later, the twitter user thanked Sonu Sood for his amazing reply and admitted that he was only playing a prank.

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