Sonakshi Sinha’s Befitting Reply to Troll Calling Her ‘Salman Ki Chamchi’

Here's how Sonakshi Sinha reacted when a troll called her “Salman Ki Chamchi”

B Town celebrities have millions of followers appreciating their work and adoring them, however on the flip side, there are followers for criticizing their work and disrespecting them by trolling with obscure comments.

Famous B town celebrity Sonakshi Sinha, known in the town for her boldness and impeccable delivery of work, has struggled to get back on track, as her recent movies witnessed a failure in the box office.

The actress has been a part of the Bollywood franchise ‘Dabangg’ and has drawn the viewer’s attention. On the contrary, the actress faces difficulty in launching her movies as a lead star to be a box office hit.

Well, let’s just hope the actress paves a way for her success in the near future.
During her appearance on an entertainment portal, Sonakshi was asked to answer a few trolls. A troll stated that he hated her so much that he wanted to break the TV. Responding to that, Sonakshi said,

“Bhyi bohat paise hain tumhare pass? Off kardo na TV agar nahi acha lagta toh? Smash karne ki koyi zaroort nahi hain.”

Another user stated that unfortunately there is no option to dislike Sonakshi’s post on Instagram.

To which Sonakshi subtly said, “Unfollow option hota hain. Woh istemal karo. Aur mere pass bhi bohot acha option hain: Block.”

Sonakshi was also referred to as ‘Salman Khan ki Chamchi’ to which Sonakshi replied: “Yeah, but he gave me my first film. Hu main. Kya Karloge?”

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