June 21: Get Ready To Witness The ‘Deepest’ Annular Solar Eclipse Of The Century In India

Gear up for Annular Solar Eclipse on June 21

On June 21, India is going to observe the ‘deepest’ annular solar eclipse of the century and the sun may appear as a necklace for around 30 seconds instead of the usual ‘Ring of Fire’. This stupendous event will be witnessed in Rajasthan, Haryana and Uttrakhand while the rest of the country will be the onlookers of a partial solar eclipse, suggests the report.

Ajay Talwar, an astrophotographer told Times of India, “Instead of a wide fiery ring, the sun may appear as a necklace of shiny beads (known as Baily’s Beads) due to light filtering through Moon’s hills and valleys.”

During the annular solar eclipse, the moon will reportedly cover up to 98.8 per cent of the sun’s disc which will cause the ring around the sun to look very lean.

Visibility of Annular Solar Eclipse time

A report by timeanddate.com suggests that the Annular Solar Eclipse on June 21 will begin at 9.15 am and reach its peak at 12:10 pm and conclude at around 3:04 pm in the country.The duration of the solar  eclipse approximately is six hours. It will be visible from India, Africa, including the Central African Republic, Congo, Ethiopia, Pakistan, and China.

The next solar eclipse will be observed five months later on December 14-15 in India. It is of immense importance to note here that witnessing a solar eclipse without any equipment may cause severe and permanent damage to your eyes. Therefore, you must use protective eyeglasses, box projector, binoculars, or a telescope to watch it safely.

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