Six-Year Old Minor Abducted And Raped In UP, Cops Release Sketches Of The Missing Accused

Six-year old girl brutally raped in UP, police release sketches of the accused

Where is this world ultimately heading towards? Seems like our entire life spans solely around the numerous atrocities we are facing in the present and living in fear of the future.

One woman reports a case of rape in every 15 minutes on average in India as per a survey report highlighting a dismal reputation as one of the worst places in the world to be female.  The brutal gang-rape of 2012 in Delhi spurred thousands of demands for action, leading to fast-track courts but the violence has continued unabated.

As per reports in NDTV, a six-year-old girl was abducted and raped in Uttar Pradesh’s Hapur district on Thursday and is battling for her life. The police are on the lookout for the accused and it’s been four days since they haven’t found any traces of the accused. Cops have released three sketches that are based on the description of the girl’s parents and neighbours, and these could be of the same person.

The girl was forcibly seized from outside her home in the Garh Mukhteshwar area, less than 100 KM from Delhi, reportedly by a man on a motorcycle. When her parents filed a missing complaint, the police launched a search for her. She was found the next morning, lying unconscious and immersed in blood, behind bushes not far from her village.

A medical examination confirmed rape. The girl was rushed to a specialised hospital in Meerut and has undergone at least one surgery. Doctors say she is stable but yet in a critical state. “She will need treatment for a long duration, we may need to perform more surgeries,” said SK Garg, the principal of the Meerut Medical College and Hospital where the girl is admitted.

The police mentioned, at this moment, they are unable to record the statement of the girl because of her condition. “We hope to make arrests very soon, more than six police teams are on the job,” said Sanjeev Suman, Hapur police chief.

Mass protests are expected later today as the opposition Samajwadi Party and Congress plan to march to the district police chief’s office.

The incident is reported after a 12-year-old girl’s assault in Delhi. The girl, tortured and brutalized with scissors by her attacker, is in the AIIMS hospital. The man who is believed to have assaulted her inside her home is behind bars.

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