“I think it’s garbage.” Wrestling Star Shayna Baszler Lashes Out At Becky Lynch For Being Irresponsible

Becky Lynch Gave Up On Her Raw Women's Championship Belt To Asuka

Becky Lynch and her fiancé are expecting their first born and the wrestler’s happiness knows no bounds. While her fans and friends from her industry outpoured her with love and congratulated the wrestler, supposedly it turns out the news did not fare well with wrestling star Shayna Baszler who recently called out Becky’s pregnancy “garbage” and condemned her for getting pregnant while possessing the RAW championship.

On Monday Night RAW earlier this year, Becky gave a surprise appearance and announced that she is taking a break from her wrestling career to shift her focus entirely on her baby.

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As per Pinkvilla, Becky came up to the show to relinquish her Raw Women’s Championship belt to Asuka, who won the Money In The Banks match. The 33-year-old WWE champion said to Asuka, “You go be a champion because I’m going to go be a mother.”

While Asuka was over the top after being honoured with the title, Shayna asserted that it was “ridiculous” how Becky gave up her championship. She was also a part of the women’s MITB ladder match that took place in May, but The Queen of Spades was unable to fight with her wrestling skills to her competitors to win the Briefcase and the match ended with Asuka’s victory.

“I think it’s garbage. She had responsibilities to uphold as ‘the champion’ of the division. Don’t leave the division in an uproar and then hand your title away to whoever you feel [deserves it]. It’s ridiculous. Everyone is like, ‘Oh, that’s so wonderful. Blah, blah, blah.’ But, if that was your daughter, you would smack her upside the head and be like, ‘You need to be smarter,’” she said during her latest appearance on The Bump.

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