Here’s why Shaan Shahid against PTV’s decision to air ‘Ertugrul Ghazi’

Has PTV charged 7 billion a year to air Ertugrul Ghazi in Pakistan?

Pakistani actor Shaan Shahid seems to be unhappy with a decision of airing popular Turkish serial, Dirilis Ertugrul on PTV channel. He believes that Pakistan should produce and promote local contents rather than Turkish serial, Ertugrul.

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Shaan Shahid has been arguing on social media ever since the senator Faisal Javed Khan had shared the link of PTV’s YouTube channel link, informing that Dirilis Ertugrul will be airing on Pakistani TV channel.

Commenting on Javed’s tweet, Shahid had said that instead of celebrating the Turkish warriors, Pakistan should find its own history and hero and produce content on them.

His comment on social media did not go down well netizens and triggered a debate between him and fans of Ertugrul, supporting the state’s decision to air the Turkish show on PTV.

A Twitter user said that the history of the sub-continent primarily features the Mughal empire who lived an opulent lifestyle. Moreover, so much has already been produced on these Mughal emperors and 1947 partition. Hence, there is no harm in showcasing the youth about Muslim heroes irrespective of their origin.

He further added that the state’s decision of airing Dirilis Ertugrul could harm the local entertainment industry.

Another user on social media argued that Osman Ghazi and Ertugrul Ghazi are Muslim heroes. So, the actor must not fall for racial discrimination.

Shahid has been facing backlash on social media for a long time now for opposing state’s decision of airing Ertugrul Ghazi, which has been shattering new records everyday. In his latest tweet, Shaan Shahid clarified that he was not against Turkish show Ertugrul Ghazi but against the PTV’s decision to air the series.

In his tweet, he said: “PTV charged 7 billion a year to show us a product that’s already available on Netflix.

Meanwhile, Pakistanis have been enjoying the Turkish serial Dirilis Ertugrul ever since the broadcast of its episode on PTV. The first episode of Diriis Ertugrul aired on PTV on the first Ramadan.

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