Seerat Kapoor gave us the perfect definition of her home, while cleaning and dusting this quarantine

It seem "Run Raja Run" Seerat Kapoor actress has not kept her hands away from cleanliness.

Its almost an end of summer and the Covid-19 pandemic doesn’t seem to end at anytime soon. According to the government guidelines it’s necessary to keep the home clean to keep the environment safe inside the house also, we have seen a lot of videos of the Bollywood as well as south celebs cleaning indoor. It seem “Run Raja Run” Seerat Kapoor actress has not kept her hands away from cleanliness.

The recent video of Seerat Kapoor dusting every corner of her home, In the video Seerat Kapoor is looking ravishing in the black. she has mentioned in the caption “Home is like your poetic story; an illustration of who you are with a collection of what you love. Every nook and corner of my antique walls are handpicked, curated over the years to share a tale. To watch my rooms come alive, each time I interior them with my personal touch of taste and attention is absolutely therapeutic. I’ve been busy ?♥️ Musing in the eyes of my baby brother @iranjev today ?”


The choreographer turned actress Seerat Kapoor is soon to be seen in the Telugu movie “Krishna and his Leela” it is expected the movie will be released in multi languages.

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