Saregama’s Latest Digital Campaign Touches Upon Nostalgia, Speaks Of The Need For Entertainment For The Elderly

Check Out Saregama's New Digital Campaign

Saregama has come up with the introduction of a digital campaign subtly talking about the emotionally and physically exhausting conditions for the elderly amid the lockdown.

The campaign has been ideated and curated by Saregama’s team along with its agency partner, The Womb, during the lockdown period while being at home with no compromise on the quality. The lockdown has been severely affecting every individual in a plethora of ways, especially the elderly. With the easing of restrictions, life may return to normalcy for most but not for the elderly as there would still be restrictions on their movement outside. Their routine walks or visiting parks or meeting their group of family/ friends will still be hindered, causing lot of physical and emotional disruption. The recent campaign by Saregama highlights strongly on this insight and launched its new digital film — Jo Abhi Bahar Nahi Ja Sakte Unke liye Ghar Le Aaye — Saregama Carvaan.

The campaign recounts the nostalgic days of summer vacation and how parents always had a solution to break the monotony of our lives. Be it in the form of a video game or any other entertainment, they have always ensured to keep our faces cheerful all the time. Now, at such difficult times, when they are stuck at home with almost no social life and very limited means of entertainment, this is a time for children to come up with something innovative and fun for their parents.

The campaign hints at the need for entertainment in the lives of elderly people and the impact music can create for them to glide through the current turbulence. Saregama Carvaan is a ray of hope for this generation which gets them to revisit the nostalgic memories and simultaneously acts as a relief to break away from the monotony of daily life.

Saregama Carvaan comes pre-loaded with 5,000 evergreen songs, and is available for home delivery across online platforms and stores.

Previously recognized as The Gramophone Company of India Ltd, Saregama India owns the largest music archives in India, one of the biggest in the world. The ownership of nearly 50 per cent of all the music ever recorded in India makes Saregama the most authoritative repository of the country’s musical heritage. Saregama has also has extended itself into other branches of entertainment — publishing, film production and digital content.

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