THIS act by Salman Khan’s makeup artists will restore your faith in humanity

Salman Khan is known for his generosity and helpful nature, this time the actor's makeup artist Sudesh and Rajesh Nag have lent a helping hand for people affected during coronavirus.

Salman Khan is a man with many talents. The actor has time and again proven his generosity by helping people in need. While the country is battling the worst catastrophe in recent times, Salman Khan has been among few actors to inspire many others with his helpful acts.

While Salman Khan’s good deed is sure to inspire people around, it is his makeup artists Sudesh and Rajesh Nag that have come out to do their bit for people affected during the pandemic. Sudesh is part of the Cine Costume, Hair Makeup Artist and Hair Dresser Association. Along with Rajesh Nag, both the artists’ have deposited a total of 1.5 thousand to the accounts of over 120 people of the association.

Apart from offering financial aid, Nag brother has also provided food to several members of the association. The duo is reported to be part of Salman Khan’s makeup artists’ for over 30 years now. Speaking to ABP News, Sudesh and Rajesh said, “If we won’t help the people of our own association, then who will? While the association is trying to help the members, we are also doing what we can and will continue to do so.”

Meanwhile, Salman Khan has been doing his bit to help people affected due to COVID-19. Bhaijaan recently donated hand sanitizers to the Mumbai Police while also providing financial help to 32,000 daily wage workers. He also helped aid 90 vertically challenged wage workers associated with the All India Special Artistes Association. It is heartwarming to see
people from all walks of life coming forward to assist people in any way they can.

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