#MeToo: ‘Filmmaker told Jiah Khan Stood in the same place Me’ reveals model Paula

Indian model Dimple Paul has accused filmmaker Sajid Khan of sexually harassing her 10 years ago. Sajid had previously been accused of sexual harassment by three women during India's #MeToo movement in 2018.

Filmmaker Sajid Khan had been one of the leading names in Bollywood accused of sexual harassment by three women in 2018. Almost two years after the #MeToo movement swept India, fresh allegations against the director have surfaced. Indian actor and model dimple Paul aka revealed took to her Instagram to share that Sajid sexually harassed her when she was 17.

Paula shared a series of text images on Instagram with the caption, “Before democracy dies and there is no freedom of speech anymore I thought I should speak (sic).”

She starts off, “When #MeToo movement started, a lot of people spoke about Sajid Khan but I did not dare to because like every other actor who has no godfather and had to earn for a family I kept quiet. Now I don’t have my parents with me. I’m earning for myself. I can dare to tell that I have been harassed by Sajid Khan at the age of 17. He spoke dirty to me. He tried to touch me. He even told me to strip in front of him just to get a role in his upcoming Housefull movie (sic).”

Check out her post here:

Dimple goes on to write, “God knows with how many girls he has done this. I am coming out now not for any pity party. It’s just that I realized that had affected me so badly when I was a child and chose not to speak. But it’s high time no (sic)?”

Paula concluded the post saying, “This b ******* should be behind bars not only for casting couch but also for manipulating and for stealing away your dreams. But I did not stop. But the wrong I did was not to speak about it (sic).”

Paula’s post has received tremendous support on Twitter with social media trending #ArrestSajidKhan on number 1 ever since.

Dimple Paula recalls harassment incident by Sajid Khan

In a fresh interview with Beyond Bollywood, the model has recalled the incident as it happened 10 years ago. narrated how Sajid Khan kept his hand on her legs and told her to give the reference of Jiah Khan that she was once in the same position as hers.

The model was quoted saying, “He came and sat next to me. He asked me if I have a boyfriend and whether I have had sex. I was nervous and didn’t really know what to say. He told me that it’s an altogether different thing to have sex with a man. He told me that if it wasn’t for him, I wouldn’t have won the pageant. He kept his hand on my leg and started rubbing it. He said something like you know Jiah Khan stood in the same place where I stand now.”

Paula further claimed the portal that Sajid Khan took her to his bedroom, pulled her top, and asked her to take it off. She revealed that she then stormed out of his house as she understood his intentions. When asked why did she open up ten years ago, Paula shared that her parents are no more and that she did not want more girls to get trapped. Jiah Khan had worked with Sajid Khan in the first Housefull that was released in 2010.

Following the #MeToo allegations against Sajid Khan in 2018, Housefull 4 makers had replaced him with Farhad Samji. The film went on to become a huge box office success.

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