Sahil Vaid aka JP revealed, he got to be AD for Dil Bechara for a day. Tap for deets!

Sahil Vaid aka JP revealed, he got to be AD for Dil Bechara for a day.

Sahil Vaid is truly a commendable actor, needless to say,  and his glimpses in the upcoming movie Dil Bechara as JP has already garnering attention in social media. Besides being an actor, Sahil also has a number of other talents to his credit.

To name a few other areas of his skills would be that of an Assistant Director. Possessing a professional qualification in filmmaking, Sahil slipped on the role of an AD for a day in Dil Bechara apart from acting in the movie.

Sahil reminisces the shoot days fondly as the entire team gave in their efforts to breathe life into the story. Helmed by Mukesh Chabra, there are numerous memories attached to the cinema which will forever stay fresh in his mind. Sahil shared, “JP will always be one of the most loved characters that I have portrayed to date. Dil Bechara is a special movie for me due to multiple reasons. The camaraderie that I fostered with the core team including Sushant, Mukesh, and Sanjana is something that cannot be described in words. One other reason would be that I got a chance to portray the role of an AD in the film for a day along with acting.”

Dil Bechara

Sahil Vaid further stated with a glint in his eyes, “With my qualifications in filmmaking, this wonderful one day experience helped me implement my skills taking me down a memory lane. Surprisingly, I was also a translater/communicator for veteran actor Subbalakshmi maam who portrays the role of Manny’s Nani in the film. Since she speaks only Tamil I was the one communicating with her for the scenes on behalf of the crew. It wasn’t a planned move but an opportunity presented itself and I couldn’t let go of it so I took the clap board and gave the clapper boy chutti for a day.”

Dil Bechara is a romantic movie that will strike the chords of audiences as it takes them on an emotional ride of two lovers and their experiences on how to remain positive when life throws curveballs. With a talented multitude of actors comprising of Sushant Singh Rajput, Sanjana Singh, Sahil Vaid, and others, the movie is sure to leave audiences emotional.

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