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Let’s Learn To Beat That Constant Finicky Voice Inside Us ‘EGO’- Video Below!

Check out this video of Youtuber Sadie Badeie teaching us multiple methods to keep our mental well-being at bay and learn to beat ego.

What comes to your mind, the moment you hear the word ego? Probably, that little voice inside you which constantly causes you to overthink, obsess over trivial matters which doesn’t require even our tiniest bit of attention at the moment or tons of anxiety and suffering. Is this continuous roar inside us worthy of any help?  Or maybe, you aren’t aware of the way to shut it down or you may have already given up after multiple futile attempts? But, hey! Worry no more. We just stumbled upon an interaction of a Youtuber, in which she throws light on the ways one can learn to let go of ego.

As indianexpress.com introduces, Sadia Badeie, a YouTuber who speaks of multiple mechanisms one can put in place, to lead a well-balanced life. In a video titled ‘Letting go of our EGO’, she speaks of its eternal presence, and to let go of ego is a wise way to achieve a fulfilled life. Speaking of this, she seeks inspiration and information largely from Eckhart Tolle’s book titled A New Earth.

Elucidating more on ego, she asserts, “It’s a mental construction that we’ve created of ourselves so it’s our self-image and it’s artificial. The more we identify with these things as being real, the more the ego creates emotional drama in our lives.”

The ego possess certain distinct characteristics, and she elaborates: “There’s a few aspects of the ego that are really important. Putting this as first, the ego loves to identify with things that brings out your sense of self-worth… The ego also loves a great deal of comparison. Comparing our positive attributes to someone else’s negative attributes.”

To put it more precisely, think about all the ways your anxieties crop up,” What if I get this position, then…or, What if I never meet someone…?” The fact of the matter is, the future exists nowhere but in our mind.  For instance, if you don’t get that someone you have been waiting for since decades, what happens then? It doesn’t change anything. You will deal with it exactly the same way, you have dealt with any hardship that fate has thrown upon you. Projecting it and then worrying is just a waste of energy. You could actually invest that energy into making your present beautiful and seize the moment fully.

She then explains all the possible ways through which one can weaken the prevalence of ego. She says that the secret ingredient to outdo the overpowering of ego is to simply be aware of it. “As soon as we become aware of the thoughts, the attachments, the labels, the comparing, the complaining, we are no are simply more than the thoughts. The thoughts merely thoughts, the feelings merely feelings, but they’re not us. “ she says.

To conclude, your ego thrives on separating you from living in the moment. Whatever you aspire, you did the best to achieve it. Now, sit back and relax! Simply understand, if things are meant to happen, it will.

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