“Truth can be rattled, not defeated”: Sachin Pilot after removal as Rajasthan deputy chief minister

Sachin Pilot removed from the post of Rajasthan Deputy Chief Minister and Rajasthan Congress chief. To hold a press conference at 10 am tomorrow.

Sachin Pilot on Tuesday was removed from the position of Rajasthan Deputy Chief minister and Rajasthan Congress chief. Minutes after being sacked, the rebel minister tweeted “the truth can be rattled, but not defeated.” He also changed his profile on Twitter deleting all references to his position
as deputy CM and Rajasthan Congress chief.

His statement comes after his last comment to NDTV on Sunday where he said, “Nobody wants to leave his home, but can’t continue to put up with this kind of humiliation; my MLAs and supporters are extremely hurt and I will have to listen to them.” He also expressed his disengagement with the Congress party amidst this tense political scenario.

Though Rajasthan Chief Minister Ashok Gehlot and Sachin Pilot have often clashed in political decisions, the breaking point soon came after Pilot received a notice from the state as part of an investigation.

In his first statement, Chief Minister Ashok Gehlot alleged that the entire incident is a BJP plot.
“There is nothing in Sachin Pilot’s hands, it is the BJP which is running the show. BJP has arranged that resort and they are managing everything,” he said, adding that the party was forced to take a decision against Pilot.

Speaking with ANI, Mr. Gehlot said, “The attitude was similar to the saying ‘aa bail mujhe maar’ given the tweets & statements of last few months. I’ve been impartial to all MLAs…no one is happy about the decisions & we tried to reach out but hobnobbing with BJP has taken place.”

On Monday, the Rajasthan Congress Legislative Passed a resolution to extend their support to the Ashok Gehlot led-government.

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