Sacha Baron Cohen starrer 2006 Released ‘Borat’ Sequel Is Completed- Details Below!

Borat 2 shooting is completed. In fact,the movie has already been screened for some select industries.

Recent visuals of Sacha Baron Cohen had already sent waves across the Worldwide Web that a sequel to 2006 movie Borat might be underway. Well, those were not only speculations, but the movie has reached its completion stages.

As per a report in Collider, the movie has already been screened for some select industries.

A few sources broke the news to the entertainment news outlet that the sequel finds Borat (played by Cohen) under the impression that he has catapulted to the spotlight , given his newfound fame in the wake of the first film.

The Kazakh journalist, in response to this, attempted to disguise himself from the public, even going so far as to conduct interviews incognito.

One source, says Collider, suggested the film will have ‘Cohen playing Borat playing Cohen’. Oof, meta. A clip shared on social media appeared to show the actor and comedian wearing a grey-coloured suit and sporting his instantly recognisable moustache while in a yellow pick-up truck in Long Beach.

Cohen also appeared in the full Borat gear in 2018 – in a post on Instagram, he shared a photo of himself (as Borat) posing with an ID card, that didn’t appear to belong to him, and an ‘I’ve voted’ sticker. He captioned the photo: “I voted, Great Success.”

Also, he was reportedly spotted in character at a right-wing rally held in Washington in June, making fans to believe he might be making a second season of Who Is America.

But on the day, there was an addition to the musical line-up and a man, believed to Cohen, got on stage.

Marshall told NPR that he was suspicious the moment the singer stepped onto the stage, saying: “A guy that’s like wearing almost a clown suit of red, white and blue gets up there.

“Obvious disguise. Like a fake nose and chin. And he starts playing and the first thought when you hear his voice is, ‘Dude, is this like a bad impression of Borat?'”

According to reports, the ‘singer’ was eventually rushed out of the rally and disappeared without a trace.


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