Run BTS Episode 119: Jungkook Is Out For Blood During Photo Challenge, Watch Full Video

Jungkook in shock and out for blood after getting betrayed by a "spy" on "Run BTS episode 119 after losing badly.

BTS members have quite the bond with each other which has their fans hooked on this popular boyband. But when it comes to challenges on their show ‘Run BTS’ the members are seen going by the rule “Everything is fair in love and War”. Well if you are a follower of all their episodes you may have gotten the gist of what we are talking about.

BTS never fails to entertain its ARMY with not only their music videos but also with their fun interaction on the show ‘Run BTS’. In episode 119 of BTS’s variety show the members had to finish their photo challenge from the previous episode and as hilarious and cute it may seem BTS member Jungkook was seen out for blood after getting the biggest betrayal of his life.

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According to the rules of the task when BTS members were done with the task production team while announcing the rankings of each member shared a new plot that was: a spy in their midst! Now BTS members pointed out at Jimin who seemed quite supportive during the task to top it of RM hilariously decide to declare himself as the Spy. Nope, the one who had been in the shadows and cunningly destroying all the photos and the Spy this whole time was none other than Jin.


Jungkook snapped after the huge betrayal as all his points and photos were destroyed by Jin and was seen attacking and shouting at his board. It did not stop at that Jungkook went on to attack his board even after finding even more stealthy Jin photos. (God Bless His Board!)


The betrayal did not just end and for the third time again Jungkook lost cool and was in denial after getting betrayed so badly. Jungkook later hilariously went on to admit that he had more points to exclude from the total.


In the end, Jungkook was left with nothing but seven points. But Jungkook after getting betrayed went on to say that,’ This was the big picture of mine.’ Well, we don’t know about the bigger picture but definitely feel sorry for his board which had to go through all his attacks.

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