Revealed! The real reason why Joe Jonas secretly married in Las Vegas

Joe Jonas and Sophie Turner secretly got married in Las Vegas following the Billboard Music Awards in May 2019.

After a year of getting married, singer Joe Jonas shares the real reason he eloped with Game of Thrones star Sophie Turner. He also reveals that the couple forgot to inform his parents about their wedding.

Hollywood’s IT couple got married at a White Wedding Chapel in Las Vegas on May 19 amongst close friends. Dj Diplo had live-streamed the whole ceremony on Instagram. They had a lavish second wedding in the South of France.

In a video for GQ magazine’s “Actually Me” series, Joe answered a list of questions about himself. He further shared the idea of an impromptu wedding with close friends seemed fun before legally marrying in the States.

Joe later shared that he and Turner had to face consequences when his parents found out the next day. “My parents called me the next morning and they were like ‘Did you just get married? And I realized I told everybody but forgot to tell my parents.”

He ended the video with a funny message saying, “Kids, make sure you tell your parents when you’re getting legally married!”

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