Revealed: BTS’ Jimin’s THIS action during a concert is why he is the most loved K-pop star

During a BTS concert in Chicago the K-pop sensation Jimin abruptly stopped singing. The truth will melt your heart. Read on to know the whole story.

During BTS’ LOVE YOURSELF tour in 2018, K-pop’s favorite singer Jimin suddenly stopped singing. As day 2 on their Chicago tour was coming to a close, the Bangtan Boys sang “Answer: Love Myself”, but much to fans’ confusion Jimin suddenly did something very unusual for a star.

Fans noticed the K-pop singer leaning over and looking into the crowd below. While BTS is known for interacting with front-row fans at their concerts, this did not seem like one of those times. The concern on Jimin’s face made it very evident.

The clip went viral on social and media the truth got revealed. Jimin had noticed some disorder in the crowd and quickly realized that one ARMY had fainted in the middle of the concert.

While no official statements or reason for the fan’s illness was revealed, it is however claimed that the ARMY was shoved and elbowed until she couldn’t breathe which led to her fall.

Later on, Jimin seems visibly relaxing after staff and security guards at the venue took the ARMY to tend to her health. Jimin resumed his performance only after receiving a thumbs up from the officials in the crowd.

This move by Jimin had ARMY around the world in awe of the K-pop singer. Fans around the world could not stop gushing over Jimin’s care and concern for one fan amidst thousands of others.

The news spread as wildfire and Jimin trended on #3 in the Chicago Twitter trends for his selfless, loving act for the ARMY.

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