Meet Rentsenkhorloo Bud, A 6 ft 10 inches Model With The Second Longest Pair Of Legs In The World

Shouldn't this be in Guinness Book of World Records?

Shopping is every girl’s first love and an ultimate mood maker. But what if happens when you can’t find the perfect clothing that fits you? You get disappointed right. However, this problem is often faced by 29 year old Rentsenkhorloo Bud. Always a trouble in getting the right pair of jeans that can fit her 52.18 inches legs. This lady suffers alot as nothing fits her right.

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She falls just 53 inches short from the world record holder Maci Currin (16) who is from Austin, Texas.

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Rentsenkhorloo Bud is from Mongolia but currently lives in Chicago, USA. Her height is 6 feet 9 inches and officially the one who has the second longest pair of legs in the world.

Rentsenkhorloo Bud imagIt can be rightfully stated that she inherited her height from her parents who are also tall. Her father is 6 feet 10 inches and mother 6 feet 1 inch.

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Rentsenkhorloo was not happy with her height in childhood, tho she never experienced bullying but her childhood was a bit challenging. When she was in the first standard, she was 168 cm in height, the same height as of her teacher.

tall 2However, in her youth days, she was bullied by few people which made her feel terrible about her height. But from the last 15, she has started to adore her height and loves to flaunt her long legs.

Rentsenkhorloo 7What made this change happen? It was when she became a model and people started looking at her as an unique person rather than enormously tall human being. She is a part-time model and currently working with a brand selling leggings for tall girls.

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However, despite being so tall and pretty there are certain disadvantages that follow. Rentsenkhorloo says that because of her height, she faces problem when it comes to finding appropriate shoes and clothes. . She also has problem in finding clothes in USA so she tries to buy clothes online.


Talking about her shoe size, it is US 13 which Mongolia and Korea. She faces difficulty with accommodating with low doorways and small rooms and may times hits her head at the doorways.

renRentsenkhorloo Bud has no interest in getting herself registered in the Guinness Book Of world Records.

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Well, that is certainly quite a long pair of legs!

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