When BTS’ RM spilled the beans on his breakup with high school girlfriend

In a conversation during South Korean show Problematic Men, BTS lead singer RM spoke candidly about the reason he broke up with his high school sweetheart.

BTS is synonymous with the boy next door charm, good looks, and incredible singing and dancing talent.  While the band is extremely vocal about their music and their journey, they prefer their personal lives away from the limelight. When asked about their dating history or their relationship status, the Bangton boys always divert the question with a funny comeback. However, back in 2015, RM did something unexpected. The lead singer spoke frankly about his high school sweetheart and the real reason for their breakup.

RM made an appearance on the South Korean Tv shoe, Problematic Men where he was asked about his dating life. Surprisingly, Namjoon was more than willing to share the details of his love life. He said, “There was a girl that I dated in high school, 4-5 years ago. A relationship is something that you can’t really define. But, to put it into perspective, it is as if a circle and a triangle trying to become a square and we didn’t match well in that process.” RM revealed that they both had different values which is why they decided to part ways for the better.

“She had a lot of guy friends. To be honest, having a lot of guy friends isn’t a problem. But, in my circumstances, and from my point of view, she did things that were unacceptable as a girlfriend. And, so we continued to argue. And if things continue like this, I figured this would have an effect on my pure feelings for her. So we ended things,” the 25-year-old rapper confessed.

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