12 Disney Characters Inspired By Real People

Ever thought that these characters were based on these people?

Since its commencement, Disney has made astonishing stories that have been close by since our youth. A large number of Disney characters have become our top picks, and some of them are truly near our souls. Be that as it may, what you can be sure of is that most of Disney characters are inspired by genuine individuals and at times, superstars.

Madam 360 would like to show you a list of notorious Disney characters that depended on genuine individuals, and contrast them with the individuals who served as inspiration to bring them into life.

List Of Disney Characters Who Were Based on Real People

1. The 4 vultures — The Beatles

While creating the vivified variant of the novel The Jungle Book, Disney and the movie producers accountable for the adjustment, considered a somewhat quick appearance of The Beatles. It was 1967 and they were at that point one of the most mainstream groups of the time.

John Lennon, Paul McCartney, George Harrison, and Ringo Starr would give the voices behind the 4 vultures. The creatures would likewise have insane hairdos and sing the tune That’s What Friends Are For. Be that as it may, in spite of the fact that the band inspired the winged creatures, this was insufficient motivation to proceed with the arrangement.

It’s been said that Lennon wanted to not show up in the film. He disclosed to the band’s chief, Brian Epstein, that he should reveal to Disney that it was a superior plan to enlist Elvis Presley. Because of his decrease, the film just shows the vultures talking in an emphasize like that of individuals living in Liverpool, with the voices of J. Pat O’Malley, Digby Wolfe, Lord Tim Hudson, and Chad Stuart.

2. Maleficent — Eleanor Audley

source: disney.fandom

Eleanor Audley not just gave a voice to Maleficent in Sleeping Beauty, yet Disney movie producers likewise requested her to perform and film the scenes that would enable the animators to efficiently deliver the fictional character. This implies that the on-screen character’s highlights and gestures inspired the movements and face of Maleficent.

Furthermore, Eleanor additionally filled in as motivation for making the enlivened character, Lady Tremaine, Cinderella’s evil stepmother.

3. Jessica Rabbit — Rita Hayworth

Real Disney Characters
Source: superstarsbio pinterest

The sensation of Who Framed Roger Rabbit? turned into a symbol because of her depiction in the film and her dazzling figure. Be that as it may, her appearance wasn’t simply an issue of karma: Jessica Rabbit was based on the delightful entertainer Rita Hayworth.

Toward the start of the character design, the author Gary K. Wolf put together her on the dancer of the vivacious short film Red Hot Riding Hood, made by Tex Avery. However, during the creation of the film, Jessica Rabbit’s picture moved. This move was enlivened by a few on-screen characters, however for the most part by Rita. Richard Williams, the director of animation for the film, said he attempted to make the character appear to be like Hayworth, but with Veronica Lake’s hair.

4. The Mad Hatter — Ed Wynn

Real Disney Character
Source: Disney fandom, imdb

The Mad Hatter is one of Alice’s generally unmistakable and interesting Disney characters in Alice in Wonderland. In the film, the Hatter was enlivened by the gestures, appearance, and character of the entertainer Ed Wynn. He was likewise the voice behind the character, so most would agree that he filled in as an ideal model for the animators to use to design the Hatter.

5. Edna Moda — Linda Hunt

Real Disney Characters
iSource: Facebook/sun-sentinel.com

It’s accepted that the narrative of Edna, the character in The Incredibles, was initially founded on the life of fashion designer Edith Head. However, the Disney character has a practically ideal likeness to on-screen character Linda Hunt. So, whom according to you inspired the character?

6. Scat Cat — Louis Armstrong

Real Disney Characters
Source: Disney.fandom/artprints on demand

Scat Cat from The Aristocats was a job initially composed for Louis Armstrong, the recognized jazz vocalist and trumpeter. The thought was that he would offer voice to the well known cat, which was initially going to be named Satchmo the Cat.

Lamentably, due to surprising medical issues, Armstrong couldn’t be a piece of the task. This constrained the movie producers to supplant him with the musician Scatman Crothers. Therefore, they renamed the character Scat Cat, and composed another melody for him that Crothers performed.

7. Dr. Facilier — Michael Jackson

Real Disney Characters
Source: Disney

Dr. Facilier, the miscreant in the film The Princess and the Frog, was based on Michael Jackson. The solid likeness between the 2 isn’t just obvious in his slim figure and his pick of garments, yet in addition in the choreography Dr. Facilier’s character performs all through the film. The peculiarities and stances are equivalent to those the “King of Pop” used to show.

8. Ariel — Alyssa Milano

disney princess/yahoo news India

image via disney princess/yahoo news India

At the point when the inventive cerebrums of Disney started to plan the character of Ariel for The Little Mermaid, they needed to depict the picture of a delightful, sweet, and contemporary young lady, so they used Alyssa Milano for ispiration.

During an interview, the actress uncovered that she didn’t know about this, in any event not when the character was being delivered. Later on, in any case, she was invited to introduce a documentary where the makers demonstrated how the film was made. It was then that she found that Ariel was inspired by her. The creators of the tape had utilized photos of her during her teenagers to recreate the extraordinary mermaid.

9. Ursula — Divine

source: insider.com

Harris Glenn Milstead, otherwise called Divine, was a recognized American actor and drag queen who filled in as motivation for making the malice Ursula from The Little Mermaid. His shows and presentations were critical for forming the features, dazzling style, and character of the scoundrel.

10. Alice — Kathryn Beaumont


The main character in Alice in Wonderland depended on the entertainer Kathryn Beaumont. She likewise gave the voice to Alice. The organization’s animators utilized the young lady as a model to breath life into Alice. She was just 10-years of age at that point. Innumerable photos delineate the Kathryn’s work, and there’s even a video where she’s seen acting and voicing the role of Alice.

11. Cruella de Vil — Tallulah Bankhead

source: brightside

The vivified variant of Cruella de Vil showed up on screen in the 1961 film A Hundred and One Dalmatians. In the film, Betty Lou Gerson offered voice to the famous villain. Be that as it may, Marc Davis, the head of animation framed the character with precise work after uch scrutinization on Tallulah Bankhead. Tallulah Bankhead served as an inspiration to Marc Devis and his team to build Cruella from the scratch based on his personality and gestures.

12. Snow White — Marge Champion

Real Disney Characters
Source: Huffpost/ disney fandom

Marge Champion was one of the most graceful dancers of the twentieth century. At the point when she was just 14, the youthful artist auditioned for the role of Snow White. Her job was to reproduce the character’s scenes before the artists. In doing so, in any case, she was approached to keep the style and fragile movements of her dancing experience that additionally characterized the princess.

One reason why Marge got the job was a direct result of her dad. She had a remarkable ability for dancing and acting, but on the other hand was raised and carried on like sovereignty. Ernest Belcher, Marge’s father, instructed her to bow and normally behave delicately. Her childhood permitted her to get the job since her gestures and stances were like those the producers needed for Snow White.

Which Disney character on the rundown astonished you the most? Do you realize some other Disney characters that were roused by genuine individuals? Let us know in the comments!

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