Here’s the list of top 10 Mysterious and Incurable diseases

How would you react, when you wake up in the morning and find yourself different from the last night? We are talking about diseases and syndromes which are still beyond the knowledge of doctors. There are several diseases on the earth which are being referred to as untreatable or incurable diseases.

In this article we will talk about most rare diseases, we will also talk about the list of 10 rare diseases and rare genetic disorders, rare medical condition and abnormal disease. You will be shocked to see these rare diseases are still incurable. Here’s How to Lower Your Cardiovascular risk In An Hour: Study

In this article, we talk about diseases and Syndromes whose treatment is yet to be discovered by doctors.  Yes, you may have thought for a moment, which diseases and symptoms are we talking about? But, there are many diseases whose treatment has still not been discovered and you may not have heard of.

We at Madam 360 has found 10 disease and Syndromes that even doctors do not know about them. Let’s have a look at 10 these rare diseases and syndromes which are still beyond Doctor’s knowledge.

Here’s is the list of top 10 rare and incurable diseases

10. Fibrodysplasia :

Fibrodysplasia is known as the rare disease and one of the most deadly diseases caused by a mutation of Body’s repair mechanism. Which is characterized by the gradual ossification of muscles, ligaments, and tendons. In several cases, injuries can cause joints to become permanently frozen in place. Surgical removal of the extra bone growths has been shown to cause the body to “repair” the affected area with even more bone.

According to the reports, the illness leads to serious deformations, loss of the ability to move normally, and premature death. As of now, there are no effective preventive or treatment measures or causes of diseases have been explored. But, scientists managed to find the gene that is responsible for fibrodysplasia.

9. Ehlers — Danlos syndrome:

Ehlers — Danlos syndrome is a cluster of genetic connective tissue disorder and rare genetic disorders. It is also known as Abnormal Disease. Ehler’s symptoms may include loose joints, stretchy skins, and abnormal scar formation. These symptoms can be noticed at the time of the child’s birth or in early childhood.

This disease disrupts the synthesis of collagen which leads to the fragility of blood vessels, over-flexibility of the joints, dislocations, sprains, tissue deformation and other dangerous consequences. Drinking-Water In Midnight May Give You Sound Sleep, Decrease Obesity: Study

According to Wikipedia, in some cases result from a new mutation occurring during early development while others are inherited in an autosomal dominant or recessive manner. This results in defects in the structure or processing of collagen. The Causes of disease is still to be discovered.

There is no treatment has been discovered as of now, but if a patient gets the right physiotherapy, it’s possible to decrease the negative effects of Ehlers Danlos syndrome.

8. Encephalitis lethargica:

Encephalitis lethargica is also known as “sleeping sickness,�? which was discovered for the first time in 1917 by the Neurologist Constantin von Economo and the pathologist Jean-René Cruchet.

In this disease, people get most affected by the brain which leaves people motionless and speechless. Between 1915 and 1926, an epidemic of encephalitis lethargica spread across the world. Almost 50 lakh people were affected, a third of whom died in the acute stages. Many of those who survived but never returned to their pre-existing “aliveness”.

This disease is characterized by a high fever, headache, weakness, sore throat, tremors, and falling asleep anywhere. Doctors around the world have been unable to determine its cure.

7. Cold urticaria:

Cold urticaria is an inherited or acquired disease, it is a skin reaction to cold with a rash. This disease reaction appears minutes after colder exposure, in which affected the area of your skins develop reddishly, and itchy welts.

According to the, this happens due to abnormal levels of histamine, but the mechanism that causes the increase in the levels of histamine is unclear.

Asymptomatic treatment (the only treatment there is): doctors recommend patients not to get cold, take anti-histamine medications, and put special creams on the face and hands before going outside for protection from cold.

6. Hypertrichosis:

Hypertrichosis is an overgrowth of hair in places where it’s not considered normal, for example, on the face. Most of the time, hypertrichosis is found in men, and rarely in women. Although, the creepy bearded women from the circuses of the past could have been affected by this disorder.

Innate hypertrichosis can’t be treated, but fortunately, nowadays there are a lot of ways to get rid of extra hair. Jesús Aceves, a Mexican actor affected with this disease, doesn’t think that having hypertrichosis is a tragedy and lives a full life.

5. Argyria:

This disease is Argyria caused by excessive exposure to Chemical compounds of the silver element or dust. This development arises when people use a lot of product containing silver, it basically common among the people who work with this metal.

If we talk about the victim, the famous person comes in the list who belongs to America named Paul Karason, who was known as Papa Smurf, because he looked similar to Cartoon Character smurf. He turned blue after he had been taking colloidal silver for a long time trying to treat his dermatitis.

According to the report, Argyria affects large areas over much of the visible surface of the body. Local argyria shows in limited regions of the body, such as patches of skin, parts of the mucous membrane or the conjunctiva.

4. Exploding head syndrome:

Exploding head syndrome (EHS) is a benign condition in which a person hears loud “imagined” noises (such as a bomb exploding, and a gunshot) or experiences an explosive feeling when falling asleep or waking up. These noises have a sudden onset, are typically brief in duration, and are often jarring for the person. Neither the cause nor the mechanism has been explored as of now.

This is how people suffering in exploding head syndrome describe their symptoms. And this disease is actually not that rare. If you suffer often from insomnia and stress, there is a risk that you could experience this yourself.

According to Scientists, this syndrome may be caused by neural activity in the parts of the human brain responsible for the sound.

3. Trimethylaminuria:

This disease is also known as fish odour syndrome, and as you probably guessed, it leads to a person smelling like fish. The worst thing is that the person may not sense the smell, but other people do. This causes a lot of psychological problems and communication difficulties.

Unfortunately, there are no effective treatment methods, but according to the results of some studies, a special diet together with activated carbon and �? hlorophyllin can decrease the fish odour.

2. Stendhal syndrome:

“When I was leaving the Church of the Holy Cross, my heart started beating very fast, I felt like life was drained from me, and I walked with a fear of falling…�?, this is the French writer Stendhal describing his feelings after visiting Florence. The thing that the writer experienced is a psychological disorder which presents with symptoms like rapid heartbeat, dizziness, fainting, confusion and even hallucinations when people experience something that is of great personal significance like art, the beauty of nature, animals, or people.

It’s very odd, that tourists from Asia usually don’t have Stendhal syndrome, perhaps because their culture is very different. The same goes for tourists from Italy because they are more accustomed to being surrounded by beauty than other people.

1.Urbach—Wiethe disease:

The patients who have this condition don’t have the amygdala in their brains which means that they are unable to experience fear. There were experiments done on a patient known as S.M. that showed that people affected with this condition are not afraid of snakes, poisonous spiders, horror movies, armed robberies, and other dangers.

The only thing that can make them experience something that can remotely be described as fear, is the inhalation of a high dose of carbon dioxide which would make any healthy person panic.

Which of the diseases described in this article surprised you the most? Share your reaction in the comment section below!

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