Happy Birthday Randeep Hooda! This old video of Randeep Hooda is going viral where he has a message for parents

Randeep Hooda has a special message for all parents on his 44th birthday

At such difficult times, when the insider-outsider debate is widespread in Bollywood, actor Randeep Hooda — who celebrates his 44th birthday on August 20 — says in this old video of his that he has braved all odds to make a mark in the entertainment industry.

Coming from the state of Haryana, Hooda has gone on to feature in several critically-acclaimed films, and has won hearts with his commendable performances in Highway, Once Upon a Time in Mumbai, and Sultan, to name a few. His story bears testimony to the wonders of hard-work, dedication and enthusiasm.

In a speech he gave at a school in Haryana’s Jhajjar district, Hooda focuses on the role that parents play in helping their children succeed. With full charisma, he says how in his time, the saying “padhoge, likhoge, banoge nawab; kheloge, kudoge, banoge kharab” was a much used statement. But, the times have changed now.

He asserts parents that if they feel, or if their child feels there is a particular field in which they would excel, then that idea should be motivated, and not ending it. Hooda believes no such thing as ‘talent’ exists; there is only enthusiasm. If one practises hard and gives ample time to their interests, they will certainly become ‘talented’, he says.

“First of all, please don’t kill your child from within. And secondly, if they are interested in something, even if you’re a stamp collector, even if you’re making a bouquet of flowers… if you make the best bouquet of flowers, there will always be takers, and you’ll always be successful,” he concludes his speech.

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