Ram Siya Ke Luv Kush: Cast, Release Date, Budget & More About Colors’ Magnum Opus

Luv Kush — Color’s upcoming mythological show — is all set to premiere on 5th August 2019. This upcoming TV serial will have several old and new faces. The show Luv Kush will be produced by Swastik Pictures. Talking about Luv Kush’s latest cast, the makers of the show have roped in Aditya Redij, who is known for his role of Maharaj Bamni in Porus.

According to TellyChakkar, makers of Luv Kush approached Aditya Redij to play the powerful character of Ravan. The makers are busy holding talks with Aditya but it looks like he will be finalised for the role. There is no official word from the makers as of now.

Apart from Aditya Redij, the show features Himanshu Soni and Shivya Pathania as Ram and Sita, while the characters of Luv and Kush will be played by child artists Harshit Kabra and Krish Chauhan respectively.

In the same show, Kanan Malhotra will portray the role of Bharat and Navi Bhangu has been cast to play the character of Lakshman. Apart from, the latest addition in Luv Kush is Sanjiv Sharma. Yes, Sanjiv, who is currently a part of Star Bharat’s RadhaKrishn, joined the cast to depict Valmiki.

1000 people have been employed to make Luv Kush sets a phenomenal

The makers are not leaving any stone unturned to make Luv Kush a magnificent show. In order to make the vision perfect, a team of more than 1000 skilled workers have been employed to bring alive the story of Ramayana through the sets. The team has been working rounds the clock to beautifully blend India’s rich mythos.

Speaking about its phenomenal sets,  Siddharth Kumar Tewary told TellyChakar, “The set of the show is the result of a lot of effort and deep thinking. We were challenged and more excited to create the different worlds of the Ramayana. We had to create the Ayodhya palace, the ashram and the forest where Luv and Kush grew up. Everything was very well thought through to bring things alive the pages of Ramayan in the most creative way.”

Ram Siya Ke Luv Kush to be the most expensive show in Indian history

Earlier there were reports doing the rounds that Ram Siya Ke Luv Kush will be made on a budget of Rs 650 cr. Yes, the budget of Luv Kush is way expensive than Bollywood’s film Dhoom 3 or Sahoo. The producer of the show Siddharth Kumar Tewary is not ready to compromise its sets, costumes, jewellery and VFX.

Late last night under unavoidable circumstances, the cast and crew of Luv Kush, one of the premium shows to be aired on television had to be evacuated from a remote location in Kashmir and brought back to Mumbai.

Cast & Crew of Luv Kush Shooting stalled

The story of Luv Kush is set in Ayodhya — which is considered to be the birthplace of Lord Ram. The makers were considering to shooting at the real locations in Uttar Pradesh’s Faizabad district but later they decided to choose some exotic and remotest villages of Kashmir for a month-long schedule which was stalled due to an unfortunate incident.

Speaking about the unfortunate event happened in Kashmir, the creative director of the show, Siddhartha Tewatiya told TellyChakkar, “With the on-going political tension in the valley & also the killing of a mastermind terrorist few weeks ago, we were mentally prepared to play it safe and to our surprise the locals had been the kindest and generous but this incident took us completely by surprise. We were to shoot one of the most crucial scenes involving God Ram’s chariot & had arranged for 25 horses from all across Kashmir. It was late afternoon while shooting on a mountain top which was inaccessible by road, we saw a couple of teenage boys approaching asking us to stop shooting. Our local line producer tried to reason them and we believed the situation was under control until a couple of minutes later we were surrounded by over 50 of them ready to pelt stones marching towards us. We were saved by the bell as CRPF reached us on time & rescued us.”

“It was a horrifying experience, we had to film a very important scene and had flown a chariot especially to the mountainous terrain, we called Siddharth and updated him on the incident as we had a lot at stake but he asked us to return immediately, we then moved towards Srinagar and took the first flight back home,” he added.

The director of the show Siddharth Kumar Tewary was grateful as the entire team was brought back to Mumbai without suffering any injuries. He told the publication, ” The entire team travels and works with us on complete trust and faith, we are responsible for them. Though there were assurances from different people for complete safety going ahead but there is no substitute to human life, Nothing more important. We have shot in Kashmir for a quite a few times over the last decade but it’s never been like this ever, I thank the CRPF for coming in at the right time and ensuring the safety of our team. ”

Ram Siya Ke Luv Kush Cast

  • Aditya Redij
  • Himanshu Soni
  • Shivya Pathania
  • Harshit Kabra
  • Sanjiv Sharma
  • Kanan Malhotra
  • Navi Bhangu

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